Sunday, April 17, 2011

Offices and Warehouse for Mr J. R. King
Manchester Street, Christchurch

Architect: T. S. Lambert
Builder: Thomas James Gee

A great improvement is about to be made in the appearance of that portion of Manchester street situated between Hereford and Cashel streets, where most of the buildings at present existing are not altogether of the most imposing style of architecture. On a vacant section a little distance to the north of the Queen's Hotel, Mr T. J. Gee has commenced to put in the foundations of a two storyed building, to comprise offices and warehouse for Mr J. R. King. It is to be constructed of brick, with white stone dressings. The dimensions will be as follows : — Width of front, 50ft; depth, 60ft; height, 26ft. The ground floor will comprise a couple of offices and private rooms in the front portion, and at the back a large room 34ft by 33ft. The first floor is to contain one large room, suitable for storage purposes, 57ft long and 47ft in width.

The designs were prepared by Mr T. S. Lambert. On the opposite side of the way, at the corner of Manchester and Cashel streets, the old and tumble down buildings on Mr Duncan's section are being removed, in order to make room for a large edifice more in accordance with the present day.

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