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ROBIN, Alfred William

Painting of a house by Alfred William Robin

Master A. Robin has painted several "crests" on a coach panel, which have been the subject of high encomiums from connoisseurs.
Otago Daily Times, Issue 4629, 16 December 1876, Supplement

Dunedin School of Art
Mr A. Robin presents a couple of well finished seascapes and a chapel scene.
Otago Witness, Issue 1860, 22 December 1877

We have been shown a couple of oil-paintings by Mr Alfred Robin, which are intended to be sent to the Melbourne Exhibition. One is a scene on the Water-of-Leith, the other one on the Taieri. The former is a view just below Nicol's Creek fall, showing a portion of the shingly bed of the Leith, with a tree in the foreground very faithfully executed. Prominent features in the other picture are several bold rocky headlands, vigorously delineated. Both picture have been shown to Dr Hector who spoke very encouragingly of them.
Otago Daily Times, Issue 5773, 20 August 1880

A Mr. Alfred Robin, of Otago, has executed a couple of oil paintings for the Melbourne Exhibition, and the Otago Times announces that "both pictures have been shown to Dr. Hector, who speaks very encouragingly of them."
New Zealand Herald, Volume XVII, Issue 5863, 1 September 1880

There are works by several of our leading artists, notices of which we defer until further inspection; and this leaves us free to deal with a few very clever efforts by younger and less experienced hands.

The first that greets a visitor’s eye is No. 1, a landscape by A, Robin. There is a freshness, truthfulness, and variety of coloring in this picture that gives promise of a high degree of excellence in art in after years. It is not a fancy picture, but carefully drawn and colored from nature. All is in harmony, because nature has been copied, not outraged, We trust in after years to see matured works by tho same hand, who, even in the youthfulness of his genius, has been able to do so much.
Evening Star, Issue 5552, 22 December 1880


Otago Art Society's Exhibition
Mr H. D. Moultray [
Henry Douglas Moultray]  contributes two very fair little oil paintings —" Down the Bay near Ravenshourne " and a "Pastoral near Dunedin." Some of the elder Mr Moultray's pupils seem to be coming on exceedingly well, and amongst them must evidently be classed Mr A. W. Robin, whose " Upper Harbour from the Peninsula" (20) is very well worked out and finished.
Otago Daily Times, Issue 7427, 4 December 1885

Otago Art Society Exhibition
‘Waikawa River at High Tide,’ by Mr A. W. Robin, is a very nicely painted scene, with tbe hills at tbe background trending in the distance, the whole forming a most pleasant picture to the eye.
Evening Star, Issue 8358, 8 November 1890

"Waikawa River at High Tide" (No. 73), by A. W. Robin, is a faithful transcript, of nature; and "From the Hill Overlooking the Bluff Harbour" (No, 82), by the same artist, is distinctly the best work he has ever exhibited, and does him great credit.
Otago Daily Times, Issue 8972, 26 November 1890

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Mr. Raine

Mr. Raine

 Mr Raine 
by Coxhead Brothers, Timaru and Invercargill
 (from collection of James Granger 14.1.09)

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Henry Willaim Aiken Jamieson

Henry William Aiken Jamieson
Birch Hill

born 9 July 1859 in Yatala House, Port Adelaide, Australia, son of Captain Alexander James Jamieson and Hellen Aiken, died 29 November 1918 Buenos Aires, Argentina, buried Moy Aike Grande, Santa Cruz, Argentina, married 21 July 1897 Estancia Hill Station, Santa Cruz, Argentina, Mary McCall Halliday, born 20 July 1876 Falkland Islands, died 29 November 1953 Buenos Aires, Argentina aged 77 years

Henry Jamieson
This is a copy made around 1900 of an earlier photograph taken in the late 1870's. No photographer's name is given however the studio prop Henry Jamieson leans on is shown in an photograph taken in the studio of Coxhead Brothers, Timaru
reverse inscription "Harry Jamieson, Birch Hill, late (eighteen) Seventies" 

Birch Hill Homestead

Birch Hill looking towards Mount Cook.
Mount Cook, 13,200 ft and Tasman Glacier. From the album: New Zealand album, 1875, Dunedin, by Burton Brothers studio. Te Papa (O.042804)

 Birch Hill Station 1887
Jim Annan, Jim Thompson, Jack Stuart and Jack Annan

by Edgar Augustus Corlett Jackson

The son of a pioneer Canterbury sheep farmer, Mr Jack Jamieson, who is the owner of a large station in Patagonia, South America, has come to New Zealand to study agricultural and pastoral technique. Mr Jamieson's father at one time owned the Birch Hill station, near Mount Cook, later was a landholder on the Falkland Islands, and after being shipwrecked on the coast of South Argentine, took up land in Rio Gallegos, some 2000 miles south of Buenos Aires.

Most of tne landholders in that inhospitable country are of Scottish descent. Mr Jamieson said, in an interview yesterday. Their port of Rio Gallegos, in the territory of Santa Cruz, is the most southern Argentine harbour on the mainland of South America. High winds sweep the land incessantly, and in winter snow covers the ground and intense frosts are of daily occurrence.

The country nevertheless produces fine sheep, although Mr Jamieson said that there was a great deal of dissatisfaction with the prices being received. Prime lambs were sold for 5s a head, as compared with the 20s to | 25s a head received for New Zealand lambs. He considered that the difference was attributable to the lack of competition by freezing works in South America. Until recently there had been only one refrigerating plant at Rio Gallegos, but recently a Chilean firm had commenced business and the prices had improved a little. In Chile, which had four big freezing works and seven or eight smaller plants,  prices were 25 per cent, higher than in the Argentine.

The foreign exchange restriction was causing much embarrassment to the big trading firms — British, Spanish, French, and Dutch — in the Argentine. Mr Jamieson said. Rigid control of the exportation of money meant that firms with liquid capital could not send it out of the country to purchase materials and plant. Travellers also suffered, as they had to buy sterling at a very high rate, so that few British residents in the Argentine could afford to go overseas at present. Mr Jamieson mentioned the difficulty that New Zealand exporters had experienced in getting payment for apples sent to Buenos Aires, and remarked that many countries had been faced with a similar problem.
Press, Volume LXXI, Issue 21546, 8 August 1935

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Hugh Ross

Hugh Ross
died 21 February 1915, Three Springs, Kimbell
buried Burkes Pass Cemetery 
(his brothers John Ross and Andrew Ross are also buried there)


Hugh Ross, senr

Death's silent messenger entered the house of that, old and highly esteemed family the Ross's of Three Springs, Kimbell, somewhat suddenly, early on Sunday afternoon last, calling away Mr Hugh Ross, senr.

Mr Ross met with a serious trap accident a little more than a month ago, and this caused his family and medical adviser much concern. A patient sufferer, he was also a thoughtful neighbour, a good companion, husband and parent. He at first made splendid progress towards recovery, and the last few days was able to take short walks, which was very gratifying to his many enquiring friends. But hopes were shattered by a sudden collapse, and the sudden death of one who will he sadly missed, not merely by a devoted wife and family (a son and three daughters), but by a very wide circle of friends and acquaintances.

The late Mr Ross was possessed of many estimable qualities, and recognised with appreciation by one and all. He was a resident locally of many years, and a colonist of over 50 years, having arrived in August 1864 and identified himself with pastoral pursuits ever since.

He was formerly in North Canterbury and the West Coast, coming south in the early seventies, and shortly afterwards he took charge of Sawdon Station. He afterwards removed to "Three Springs" where he held charge when that property was acquired by the Government for closer settlement. He retained the old homestead where his family's hospitality has become proverbial, and his unfailing help in all worthy causes was also noteworthy.

The funeral, which took place on Wednesday, consisted of a very large concourse of those anxious to pay their last tribute to a man whom to know was to respect. The grave is in the Pass cemetery, where already rest, a daughter and two brothers. Many beautiful floral tributes were sent. In the unavoidable absence of the Rev. Craig, the funeral service was conducted by the Presbyterian Minister at Albury.
Timaru Herald, Volume CII, Issue 15592, 26 February 1915

Smith, William George Alexander Cuningham

William George Alexander Cuningham Smith
born circa 1844
arrived New Zealand before August 1865
died 8 March 1898 Albert Place, Victoria Road, Kensington, London
married 24 April 1894 at St. Paul's pro-Cathedral, Wellington by Archdeacon Edwards
Mary Charlotte widow of James Davidson

1865 Manager Pareora Station
1869 Member Mount Cook District Road Board
1870 Haldon
1871 Justice of the Peace 
1872 Chairman of the Mount Cook Road Board
1873 Best Man at the marriage of Henry John Sealy and Emma Booker Askin, Timaru
1875 partnership dissolved with G. J. Dennistoun and executors of the late John Tennant Wallace as runholders Haldon Station 
1878 partnership dissolved with G. J. Dennistoun as runholders Haldon Station 
1881-94 Manager New Zealand Refrigeration Co.
1894 General Manager Southland Frozen Meat Co.

The late Mr W. Cuningham Smith, whose death has been reported by cable, was well known in Dunedin, where he was manager for the New Zealand Refrigerating Company. Retiring from this position in 1894 he accepted the position of manager of the Southland Frozen Meat Company, this involving his departure for Invercargill. Prior to his leaving Dunedin he was presented by the merchants and others with a substantial purse of sovereigns as a token of their esteem. He had held the office of president and also that of treasurer of the Otago Agricultural and Pastoral Society just before his removal from Dunedin, and it was largely owing to his energy that the Society was placed in its present satisfactory position. He was next offered a superior appointment by the New Zealand Loan and Mercantile Agency Company to go to London to take charge of the Company's produce department.

Mr Smith came to the colony about eighteen years ago from Glasgow. He and two others owned at one time the Haldon run, in the Mackenzie Country. Mr Smith was married to the widow of the late Mr James Davidson.
Press, Volume LV, Issue 9983, 12 March 1898

 William Cuningham Smith 
by Thomas Edward Price,

Wallace, John Tennant

 John Tennant Wallace
born 26 March 1845
died 4 August 1874 at Melville House, Timaru

John Tennant Wallace
from collection of James Granger 1909
by Johnstone, O'Shannessy and Co.
3 bourke Street, East, Melbourne

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George James Dennistoun

George James Dennistoun
born 25 December 1847 Glasgow, Scotland
son of James Robert Dennistoun[merchant agent and broker in Glasgow]
and Barbara Wilson Macredie
Vice-Admiral Robert Peel Dennistoun (c.  1837 to 18 January 1915) was a brother
arrived Wellington, New Zealand 26 March 1868 on the New Zealand and Australian Royal Mail Co's s.s. Mataura
died 4 May 1921 Torquay, Devon, England

George James Dennistoun was one of the early settlers in the Mackenzie Country, acquiring Haldon Station about 1868. About September 1878 he, together with Messrs G. C. Russell, H. J. Le Cren. and Cuningham Smith, acquired Peel Forest, ultimately becoming the sole owner of the property, and Mr and Mrs Dennistoun lived there until they went to England in 1914.

Mr G. J. Dennistoun.
News of the death at Torquay, Devon. of Mr George James Dennistoun, of Peel Forest, will be received with general regret in Canterbury, and particularly in the district where he so long resided.

The late Mr Dennistoun, who was 73 years of age, married the youngest daughter of the late Colonel A. H. Russell, 68th Regiment, father of Sir A. H. Russell, who commanded the New Zealand Division in France.

The loss of his elder son, James, during the war, was a severe blow to the late Mr Dennistoun. Mr James Dennistoun, who made a voyage to the Antarctic in the Terra Nova, was given a commission in the Royal Irish Horse early in the war, but later transferred to the Royal Air Force. He was severely wounded in an air fight, and subsequently died a prisoner of war in Germany.

Mr Dennistoun's second Bon, Commander George Hamilton Dennistoun, R.N. was for several years first lieutenant of ships Pioneer and Pyramus, and was serving in H.M.S. Psyche at the occupation of Samoa. He married in 1914 the second daughter of the late Mr F. H. Pyne, of Christchurch. Commander Dennistoun was a naval transport officer with the Main Body of the New Zealand Expeditionary Force, and * subsequently served from 1915 till the armistice as Senior Naval Officer on Lake Nyasa in Central Africa. He was awarded the D.S.O. for his gallant attack in a motor, boat on a well-armed German gunboat on Lake Nyasa.
Press, Volume LVII, Issue 17141, 10 May 1921

Gray, Melville

Melville Gray
(Melville Jameson Gray)

Melville Jameson Gray, born 30 November 1847, bapt 25 February 1848 Kinnoul, Perth, Scotland, died 7 June 1946 Perthshire, Scotland

Gray, Melville, Estate Agent, Accountant and Auditor, Church Street, Timaru. Mr. Gray was born at Bowerswell, Perth, Scotland, in 1847, educated at Harrow, and came to Port Chalmers by the ship “Celaeno,” in 1866. After gaining some experience of station life at the Land Company's Pareora station, he obtained the management of Otipua station, which he held for three years before purchasing, in 1872, a share in Ashwick station, where he resided and managed till he sold out in 1886. 

He then visited the Old Country before beginning his present business in 1887. Mr. Gray was one of the founders of, and for some years a successful competitor at, the meetings of the South Canterbury Amateur Athletic Club. He has exhibited with, and been a member of, the Timaru Agricultural and Pastoral Association and has served on the Mount Cook Road Board, the Timaru and Gladstone Board of Works, and the South Canterbury Board of Education.
The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Canterbury Provincial District]
Author: Cyclopedia Company Limited, 1903.

Miss Millais, daughter of the famous painter, who is visiting New Zealand, has just gone up to the residence of her relative, Mr Melville Gray at Burke’s Pass. It is believed that this young lady is the original of her father’s great picture "Cherry Ripe” which it will be remembered created such an immense sensation in London, and he became world-famous a very few years ago.
South Canterbury Times, Issue 3853, 13 August 1885

Two relatives of Sir John Millais (says the Evening Post) live in this colony - Mr H. Millais, of the Public Works Department, Wellington, his first cousin, and Mr Melville Gray, of Timaru, his brother-in-law. The deceased, it may be stated, was prouder of his Jersey lineage than of his baronetage, for he could trace his ancestry back in unbroken line to the year 1331.
Timaru Herald, Volume LX, Issue 2164, 19 August 1896

son of George Gray (1800–1877) and Sophia Margaret Jameson (1808–1894),  ​they were the parents of:

1. Euphemia Chalmers Gray born 7 May 1828, Bowerswell House, Perth died 23 December 1897 Bowerswell House, Perth aged 69 years, buried Kinnoull Churchyard,  married 1855 John Everett Millais born 1829 died 1896

1a. Sir Everett Millais 2nd Bt. born 30 May 1856 died 7 September 1897 aged 41 years married 1886 Mary St Lawrence Hope-Vere born 1861 died 1948 aged 87 years

John Everett Millais 3rd Bt. born 28 November 1888 died 30 September 1920 aged 31 years
Euphemia Doris Millais born 1889 died 1893 aged 3 years
Perrine Millais born 8 February 1893 died 1979, married 1914 Malclom Matthew Moncrieff
Mary Amice de Carteret Millais born 4 July 1897, died 4 December 1978, married 16 January 1924 Sydney Hewitt Pitt

1b. George Gray Millais born 19 September 1857 Bowerswell, Perth,  died 30 August 1878 aged 20

1c. Effie Gray Millais born 28 November 1858 died 24 April 1911 aged 52 years married 28 November 1879 William Christopher James
Major George Millais James born 1881 died 4 November 1914 killed in action
Admiral Sir William Milbourne James born 22 December 1881 died 17 August 1973

1d. Mary Hunt Millais born 13 May 1860 died 17 January 1944 aged 83 years, unmarried

1e. Alice Sophia Caroline Millais born 1862 died 1936 aged 73 years married 1886 Charles Beilby Stuart-Wortley, 1st Baron Stuart of Wortley born 15 September 1851 died 24 April 1926
Hon. Clare Euphemia Stuart-Wortley born 16 October 1889 died 15 January 1945 aged 55 years, unmarried.

1f. Sir Geoffrey William Millais 4th Bt. born 18 September 1863 died 7 November 1941 aged 78 years, married 15 May 19011 Madeline Campbell Grace died 1963 aged 86 years
Esmé Edith Millais born 2 October 1902 died 31 December 1987
W/Cdr. Sir Ralph Regnault Millais,  5th Bt. born 4 March 1905 died 14 May 1992
Edward Gray St. Helier Millais born 15 March 1918 died 2 August 2003

1g. John Guille Millais born 24 March 1865 died 1931 aged 66 years married 31 October 1894 Fanny Margaret Skipwith (1869-1960)
Yvonne Daphne Millais born 28 August 1895 died 6 August 1906 aged 10 years
Geoffroi de Carteret Millais born 2 December 1896 died 22 August 1918 aged 21
Hesketh Raoul le Jarderay Millais (1901 or 1902-1999)
Natalie Rosamond Sophia Millais born 25 Decmber 1903 died 26 October 1948, married 1930 Gerald R. Coglin

1h. Sophie Margaret Jameson Millais born 15 June 1868 died 1 May 1907 aged 38 years, married 9 December 1891 Captain Douglas Lilburn MacEwen

2. George Gray born October 1829 died 27 December 1924 aged 95 years
3. Andrew Gray 1831
4. Robert Gray 1832

5. Sophia Margaret Gray 1834 died 1841 aged 6
6. Mary Gray 1836
7. Jane Gray 1838
8. Andrew Gray 1840
9. Robert Gray 1842

10. Sophia Margaret Gray (Sophy Gray) born October 1843 died 15 March 1882, married James Key Caird
Beatrix Ada Caird born 15 May 1874 at Bowerswell, Perth , died 1888

11. Alice Elizabeth Gray 1845, married George D. Stibbard
12. John Guthrie Gray 1846 (alive in 1891)

13. Melville Jameson Gray 1847–1946, married 21 February 1939 in Marlborough, England, Ada Catherine Julius born on 29 January 1882, London died 11 January 1949 Havelock North, New Zealand, daughter of Archbishop Churchill Julius DD and Alice Frances Rowlandson

14. Sir Albert Gray KCB., KC., born 10 October 1850 died 27 February 1928 aged 78 years at his home, Catherine Lodge, Trafalgar Square, Chelsea, London, married 1895 Sophie Williams died 6 May 1938 at Carlyle Square, Chelsea, daughter of Professor S. Wells Williams LLD of New Haven, Connecticut and the US Legation, Peking and widow of Hon. Thomas George Grosvenor (died 1886), son of Lord Ebury.
Patrick Walworth Gray, 155 Brigade, Royal Field Artillery wounded near Monchy-le-Preux, France and died 9 May 1917

15. Everett Gray born 1855 died 27 May 1891 Aix-les-Bains, France aged 36 years, married 19 July 1887 St Peter's Cranley Gardens, South Kensington by the Dean of York, Harriet Grace M. Don, daughter of Sir William Don, Bart., she married 2ndly 10 August 1892 John Satterfield Sanders