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Joseph Papprill

Joseph Papprill 
Born 22 June 1801, Clerkenwell, Middlesex, England, son of Joseph Papprill and Sarah Skuse, died 15 September 1880, Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand.

Lyttelton Times, Volume XVI, Issue 936, 30 October 1861


above - Joseph Papprill by Henry Thompson Gourlay

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Thomas Henry Potts

Thomas Henry Potts

Thomas Henry Potts
The Jubilee Number of The Weekly Press, 1850-1900, page 24

Thomas Henry Potts 
Ref: 1/2-005225-F. 
Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand. /records/23220219
This is a copy negative made by Steffano Webb. 
The photographer of original image is not indicated, however the table appears in other photographs by the Christchurch photographer Peter Schourup.


Extraordinary Sale of Cochin China Fowls.— The sale of the celebrated stock of Cochin China fowls, the property of Thos. H. Potts, Esq., Kingswood Lodge, near Croydon, took place at the Bazaar, Baker-street, Portman square, and attracted a numerous and highly respectable company of noblemen and gentlemen from various parts of the kingdom. The prices obtained are a sufficient guarantee of the high estimation in which they were held: 121 birds realized the large sum of £726 1s. 6d., being an average of £6 each bird, many of them chickens only a few months old.

The highest price was for the cockerel "Sir Robert," £42, justly described in the catalogue as "matchless in form and colour." This bird won a first prize at the Great Metropolitan Exhibition of Poultry and at Torquay; and the cockerel "Wellington," also a prize bird at those shows, sold for £28 7s. The celebrated imported hen, purchased by Mr. Potts of Mr. Andrews (generally considered one of the best hens in this country), although aged, sold for £36 15s. A pullet from her at £22. The hen 102 sold for £23.

Other hens and pullets sold as high as £13 13s., £13, £12 15s, £11 11s., £11, £10 10s., £10, and several others brought similar prices...
Lyttelton Times, Volume III, Issue 140, 10 September 1853

Kingswood Lodge, Surrey

THOMAS HENRY POTTS, Aetat 65. It is with profound regret that we have to record the decease, in so unexpected a manner, of one of Canterbury's early settlers, Mr T. H. Potts, who passed away in an epileptic fit at a quarter to four yesterday afternoon, while making some purchases in Mrs Sharland's fancy goods shop at the corner of Armagh and Colombo streets. 

Mr Potts had been engaged in the morning at his favourite pursuit, literary work, having, since his recent visit to the Chatham Islands, commenced a treatise on the capacity of those islands for producing articles which cannot be produced here. To all outward appearance, his health in the morning was as good as usual, consequently, his sudden decease has caused a shock to his friends of a most painful nature. It appears that after leaving home he went to the Public Library, where he was an ever welcome visitor, and it was while returning that he was seized with the fit and died in a few minutes, apparently without pain. In falling in the shop he struck against a toy gun hanging against the counter, causing a slight abrasion of the skin near his eye, from which a drop or two of blood oozed, but life was extinct before some passers-by were able to raise him from the floor of the shop. 

Detective Kirby, who was summoned to his aid, called Constable Herlihy, and they, having sent for the ambulance stretcher, had him conveyed to Dr Deamer's, who could only confirm their opinion that Mr Potts was dead. The body was then removed to his residence in Peterborough street.

Mr Potts was a man whose whole life has been that of a public benefactor. He had a hobby, which he has followed up with immense care and attention, and for which the settlers in Canterbury in particular and the Colony at large have much to be indebted to him for. That hobby was the thorough study and practice of the work of the naturalist. In matters connected with botany, entomology, or horticulture, there never has been a man who devoted his energies and abilities for the benefit of his fellow-Colonists as Mr Potts did. He was an acknowledged authority on all such matters. The productions of his pen, both under the title of "Out in the Open " and in other works, will remain a lasting memorial to his ability as a writer of graceful, charming English prose, and to his wonderfully accurate observation of nature.

Mr Potts first landed in Canterbury in the early days of the settlement, being a passenger in the ship John Taylor [sic], which arrived here in 1853. Mrs Potts was the daughter of Mr Henry Phillips, who came to Canterbury in the Charlotte Seymour in 1850, and it was on Mr Phillps recommendation that Mr Potts and the late Mr Grosvenor Miles, who had married the eldest Miss Phillips, sailed together for this island.

Prior to this Mr Potts had been engaged in the gunmaking industry in Birmingham, where he conducted a successful business, which he sold out to come here. It may be here noted that Mr Isaac Sheath and the late Mr John Dilloway, were likewise in the same business and acted in a similar manner. Possessed of ample means, Mr Potts, turned his attention, before leaving the Old Country, to the most suitable plants of a choice character to bring here, and his consignment of azaleas, rhododendra, ferns, and other choice plants and flowers was the first one which arrived in Canterbury. The care and attention Mr Potts gave to them, and the expense incurred in bringing them in "Wardian cases," will be remembered with pleasure by all old settlers. These were but the nucleus of his garden, and during his residence at the corner of Tuam street and Antigua street, then an aristocratic quarter, his house and its surroundings were the "cynosure of all eyes." The public gardens, besides those of his friends, were all indebted to him for stock raised from his importations, and before he left Christchurch he had assisted to develop that taste for horticulture which is now happily so general here.

In 1856 Mr Potts secured the property known as Ohinitahi at Governor's Bay, by purchase from Mr C. A. Calvert, and it was in that fertile spot that the rearing of his large family was conducted. From a comparative wilderness he made a home such as any true lover of nature might envy, and in those gullies and dales he followed his favourite studies, the Colonial world at all times reaping benefit from them. His usefulness was not alone confined to his particular hobby, as we find him engaging himself in other matters, for the good of the district wherein he resided. His public services were so far appreciated that in 1866  he was influentially requisitioned to represent the district, then known as the Port Victoria district, in the Provincial Council, which seat he held till the abolition of the Provinces in 1876, his constituents always being only too glad to retain his services. He was likewise nominated member of the General Assembly for the Peninsula for a number of years.

Mr Potts was especially useful in many ways, social as well as political. He took an active share in the work of the Magisterial Bench. He was one of the Visiting Justices to the Gaol, and all matters affecting the interests of its inmates were carefully noted and attended to; while in the work of the church in his own particular district, he displayed, a zeal that brought that institution into the good position it now holds in Governor's Bay. Whether as churchwarden, Synods-man, or lay reader, his assistance was given voluntarily, freely, and with happy results. Even since his removal to Christchurch, he continued his visits there, and always met with the most cordial reception at the hands of the parishioners who are so much indebted to him. 

He devoted much time, and attention to the Museum, to which he was one of the largest contributors of geological and entomological specimens. He was one of the first members of the Board of Governors for the Canterbury College, having taken his seat in 1873, and his incessant attention to the duties of the office have gained him the esteem of all who came in contact with him. He has been elected on the Museum and School of Art Committees of the Board from the time of their inauguration. 

Mr Potts leaves a widow and a family of seven sons and six daughters, most of them married. His visit to the Chatham Islands was to see one of his daughters resident there, and he arrived here in the Kahu on "Wednesday, July 11. His interment will take place to-morrow afternoon, at the New Cemetery.

Star, Issue 6302, 28 July 1888


Thomas Henry Potts, born 23 November 1824, London, Middlesex, England, arrived Lyttelton 25 April 1854 on the "Balnaguith" from London, died 27 July 1888, Canterbury, New Zealand, buried 29 July 1888, Linwood Cemetery, Christchurch, married 2 April 1850, Rugby, Warwickshire, England, Emma Phillips, born about 1832, Coventry, Warwickshire, England, arrived Lyttelton 25 April 1854 on the "Balnaguith" from London, died 2 June 1919, at 134 Victoria Street, Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand, buried 5 June 1919 Linwood Cemetery, her sister was married to Grosvenor Miles.

1. Donald Henry Potts 1851-1928
2. Ambrose Potts 1852-1929
3. Geoffrey Potts 1853-1929
4. Mabel Potts 1854-1928
5. Clara Potts 1855-1903
6. Edith Potts 1857-1928
7. Walter Potts 1859-1947
8. Beatrice Potts 1860-1909
9. Freeman Potts 1862-1942
10. Jane Brander Lloyd Potts 1864-1938
11. Thomas Hugh Potts 1867-1934
12. Millicent Potts 1868-1932
13. Randal Septimus Potts 1870-1893

1. Donald Henry Potts [1928 - of Katikati]
born 23 April 1851 Croydon, England, baptised 7 December 1851 All Saints' Church, Leamington, Warwickshire, arrived Lyttelton 25 April 1854 on the "Balnaguith" from London, died 5 May 1928 Bell Vue Road, Auckland, reg. 1928/1189, buried Hillsborough Cemetery, Auckland area 4, block E, plot 001 [with his brother Ambrose Potts], married 14 October 1880 St Luke's Church, Christchurch by the Rev. E. A. Lingard, assisted by the Rev. W. C. Harris, witnessed by E. H. Dobson, OCallaghan Raine, Minnie Raine, Ch. Gordon and R. T. S. Harmon, reg. 1880/117, Anna Sophia Raine (Ryan), daughter of O'Callaghan Raine and Charlotte Sophia Dudley, born circa 1860 Thurles, Tipperary, Ireland, died 29 April 1930, reg. 1930/1940.

1a. Donald Dudley Potts [farmer] born 17 April 1882, St Albans, Christchurch, reg. 1882/7564, baptised 7 June 1882, sponsors Joseph Dudley Raine, Geoffrey Potts and Catherine Hanmer, died 24 June 1956 Te Puke, aged 74 years, reg. 1956/34032, cremated Waikumete Cemetery, Auckland, married 19 January 1921, reg. 1921/9064, Ida Crallan born 13 March 1895, reg. 1895/6153, daughter of Jane Elizabeth Gardner and John Richard Crallan, died 3 August 1965 Tauranga aged 70 years, reg. 1965/43556  
i. Barbara Dudley Potts [Mrs Grant]
ii. Marjorie Dudley Potts 

1b. Norman Ambrose Potts [solicitor] born 7 April 1886, Oropi, Ashburton, reg. 1886/11686, baptised 4 November 1886 St Luke's Church, Christchurch by E. A. Lingard, sponsors Norman H. MacFarlane, Ambrose Potts and Ida F. Peache, died 16 November 1970, Opotiki aged 84 years, reg. 1970/36296, buried Opotiki Cemetery, plot HH, 18 lawn section 3, married 15 April 1914 St Mary's Church, Merivale, Christchurch, witnessed by D. Dobson and Arthur Dudley Dobson, reg. 1914/5916, Myra Dobson, [his cousin], born 30 April 1888 Napier, reg. 1888/18063, daughter of Clara Potts and Robert Dobson, died 14 August 1984 Peria House, Opotiki aged 96 years, reg. 1984/38137, buried Opotiki Cemetery, plot HH 17, lawn section 3. The plants Coriaria pottsiana and Myosotis petiolata var. pottsiana were named for him.
issue: i. Mary Esther Potts born 12 July 1915 Opotiki, reg. 1915/12770, died 10 December 2004 Wanganui [Martin]
ii. Donald Norman Potts born 27 May 1917, Opotiki reg. 1917/2292, killed 9 July 1942 Germany     
iii. Phyllis Mona Potts born 20 October 1921, Opotiki, died 20 October 2007, reg. 2007/26168 [Mrs Matthews]
iv. Robert Geoffrey Potts [farmer] born 27 December 1925, died 15 August 1991, Gisborne, reg. 1991/42025

1c. Gerald Geoffrey Potts [engineer] born 21 August 1887, Hakatere near Ashburton, reg, 1887/11731, died 21 November 1925 Lyttelton aged 38 years, reg. 1925/7189, buried 24 November 1925, St Cuthbert's Church Cemetery, Governor's Bay, married 21 January 1914, reg. 1914/7311, Eileen May Veronica Flynn [her sister Ruth Isabel Flynn was married to Major General Sir Howard Karl Kippenberger, KBE, CB, DSO & Bar, ED], born 24 October 1888, Lyttelton, reg. 1889/6256 [as Aileene May Flynn] daughter of Adelaide Jane Gray and Joseph Henry Francis Flynn, died 24 January 1947 Christchurch, reg. 1947/19070, she married secondly 17 February 1931, reg. 1931/3014 Charles Edwin Holliss, divorced October 1937.
i. Dudley Newton Potts born 5 January 1916, reg. 1916/9906, 8 August 2004, reg. 2004/18421
ii. Rosemary Ruth Potts, born 1 June 1924, Lyttelton, died 24 February 2017, Christchurch, reg.  2017/5761, married Brigadier Russell Williden Kerr Ainge OBE, born 14 May 1921, Waimate, died 23 March 1976, Auckland, buried Waimairi Cemetery, Christchurch

1d. Rewi Hugh Potts [surveyor's assistant] born 7 July 1895, Havelock, reg. 1895/9722, killed in action 26 August 1918 France aged 23 years, reg. 1918/81848, 2nd Battalion, Otago Regiment, N.Z.E.F., buried Grevillers British Cemetery, Pas de Calais, France

 Donald Henry Potts - 1873
Photographed by Chas. Lawrence, Christchurch, Canterbury, NZ

2. Ambrose Potts
born 30 May 1852, England, baptised 15 June 1853 St John the Baptist Church, Croydon, arrived Lyttelton 25 April 1854 on the "Balnaguith" from London, died 4 September 1929, at Awanui Private Hospital, Auckland, New Zealand, reg. 1929/6151, buried 4 September 1929, Hillsborough Cemetery, Auckland, area 4, block E, plot 001 [with his brother Donald Henry Potts].

He was badly burnt about his face and hands in the November 1878 bush fire at Waimate. In 1886-87 he was a stock, station and general commission agent in Waipawa, in 1888 acted as a ranger for the Hawke's Bay Acclimatisation Society at Takapau. In 1889 he donated 17 Fijian bird skins to the Canterbury Museum.

Ambrose Potts spent a few days with us. His eyes give him much trouble. In fact the terrible fire he went through at Waimate Mr Studholmes is having its effect on him now. It has to a great degree spoilt his life. Ambrose went to his house on Hokianga R. on Thursday. Diary of E. R. Chudleigh, 2 March 1914

Potts, Ambrose, Runholder, Takapau. Mr. Potts conducts a sheep-run of 3,500 acres, in partnership with Mr. William Nelson, of Tomoana. The land is held under Maori lease, is fair pastoral country, and carries about 6,000 sheep and 300 head of cattle. It is highly improved, and the wool-sheds are up-to-date in every particular. 

Mr. Potts was born at Croydon, Surrey, England, in May, 1852, and came to New Zealand as a lad. He was educated at Christ's College, Christchurch, and afterwards learned farming. For some years subsequently Mr. Potts had charge of various large stations in South Canterbury, chiefly for the late Mr. Michael Studholme, and then removed to Hawke's Bay in the year 1882. For five years he managed a large station at Patea, for Mr. Birch, and for ten years subsequently managed three sheep stations in southern Hawke's Bay, including “Takapau,” for Mr. William Nelson. He took up his present property, in partnership with his former employer, in 1898. Mr. Potts is a member of the Hawke's Bay Agricultural and Pastoral Society, the Dannevirke Jockey Club, and the local branch of the Farmers' Union, of which he was for some time chairman; he was also for some years a member of the Takapau Road Board.
The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Taranaki, Hawke’s Bay & Wellington Provincial Districts] 1908

3. Geoffrey Potts
born 27 June 1853, Kingswood Lodge, Croydon, Surrey, England, baptised 27 December 1853, St. James' Church, Westminster, Middlesex, arrived Lyttelton 25 April 1854 on the "Balnaguith" from London, died 29 October 1929 Paekakariki aged 77 years, reg. 1929/10860, buried Kelvin Grove Cemetery, Palmerston North, married 15 August 1883, St John's Church, Napier by the Rev. De Berdt Hovell, reg. 1883/2008, Janie Emerald Waitt nee White [or Jane Eliza], born 5 June 1856, Elizabeth Street, Hobart, Tasmania, daughter of John William White and Margaret McCormick, died 1 January 1933 "Atawhai", Palmerston North aged 75 years, reg. 1933/2966, buried Kelvin Grove Cemetery, Palmerston North, she married 1stly 31 October 1876 St Mary's Church, Timaru by Archbishop Harper, Robert McDonald Waitt, died 26 December 1879 Timaru aged 32 years


3a. Geoffrey Gwynne Potts born 19 December 1884, reg. 1885/2274, died 24 July 1970 aged 85 or "88" years, reg. 1970/47231, cremated at Rotorua, married 4 July 1911, Wanganui, reg. 1911/4724, Florence Julia Nixon "Queenie" eldest daughter of the late J. H. Nixon, Esq, Sedgebrook Grange, Wanganui, she died 21 May 1968, reg. 1968/43410, cremated at Rotorua
i. Ian Geoffrey Gwynne Potts born 22 February 1915, Kai Iwi, Wanganui, reg. 1915/20225,
died 26 November 1982, reg. 1982/51879

3b. [Jack Georgina?] Potts born 22 September 1890, reg. 1891/4429

3c. Rockwood Gwynne Potts born 31 July 1894, reg. 1902/14439, died 21 September 1907 aged 13 years, reg. 1907/5502, buried Levin Cemetery, block General, row 38, plot 3.

Geoffrey Potts, 1873
by James Dacie Wrigglesworth

January 1877 - Manager of Clayton Station
Under license from the Colonial Secretary, Mr Hooper on Monday evening raffled the fine painting of a Maori woman and child, by Mr Lindauer. Mr G. Potts won the picture.
Hawke's Bay Herald, Volume XXI, Issue 6189, 8 March 1882

4. Mabel Potts
born 23 June 1854, Rockwood, New Zealand, baptised 14 April 1856 St Michael's Church, Christchurch by W. W. Willock, sponsors Jane Hewlins [Hewlings?], Elizabeth Bethell and Henry Phillips, junior, died 7 November 1928 at her residence Rossall Street, Merivale, Christchurch aged 74 years, reg. 1928/8983, buried 10 November 1928 Mt Peel Cemetery, New Zealand, married 30 June 1881 St Cuthbert's Church, Governors Bay, by Bishop Harper, witnessed by Francis E. Moore [best man], Thomas Henry Potts and John Barton Arundel Acland, reg. 1881/1167, Edward Reginald Chudleigh son of Mary Ecclesia Lyne and the Rev. Nikolas Ford Chudleigh of St Colomb Minor, Cornwall, born 1841 St Columb Minor, Cornwall, died 22 January 1922, "Orongomairoa", near Te Aroha, buried Mt Peel Cemetery.
no issue.


 Mabel Potts - 1873
Photographed by Chas. Lawrence, Christchurch, Canterbury, NZ

Edward and Mabel
Fiona MacMillan
On Zealand's Hill Where Tigers Steal Along - Janet Holm

Mabel Chudleigh taken from the Dairy of ER Chudleigh 1862-1921, Chatham Islands
On Zealand's Hill Where Tigers Steal Along - Janet Holm

Edward and Mabel Chudleigh, circa 1909
Elliott and Fry, Photographers, Canterbury Museum 1989.220.5
 On Zealand's Hill Where Tigers Steal Along - Janet Holm

Fiona MacMillan 
On Zealand's Hill Where Tigers Steal Along - Janet Holm

E. R. Chudleigh by Daniel Louis Mundy
Ref: PA2-1457. Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand. /records/23054313

5. Clara Potts
born 17 October 1855, Valehead, Rockwood, New Zealand, reg. no. 1855/5006, baptised 14 April 1856 St Michaels Church, Christchurch, by W. W. Willock, sponsors Clara Wylde nee Rich, Clara Dutton and John Studholme, died 15 July 1903, at her residence Carlton Terrace, Christchurch, reg. 1903/5927, buried Linwood Cemetery, Christchurch, married 27 December 1876, at the St Cuthbert's Church, Governor's Bay by Archdeacon W. W. Willock, witnessed by Geoffrey Potts, Mabel Potts, Mary Augusta Willock and Edward Henry Dobson, reg. 1876/2605, Robert Dobson, born 27 October 1852, Sumner, Canterbury, son of Edward Dobson and 
Mary Ann Lough, died at 3am 9 June 1893 at his residence Thompson Road, Napier aged 40 years of pleurisy, reg. 1893/2292 [newspapers at the time clearly indicate he died on 9 June however the date of death is incorrectly registered as 10 June], buried Napier Cemetery. His brother George Dobson was killed by the Kelly gang on the West Coast in 1866. Heinrich Von Haast was the godfather of their daughter Clara Dobson. 

The recently finished portrait of the late Robert Dobson, a gift to the Agricultural and Pastoral Society from a few of the members, now hangs in the society's room in Tennyson street. The painting, which is in a massive gold frame, is from the atelier of Herr Lindauer.
Hawke's Bay Herald, Volume XXIX, Issue 9702, 9 June 1894

5a. Ella May Dobson born 29 May 1878, reg. 1878/11721, baptised 15 July 1878 St Cuthbert's Church, Governor's Bay by Rev. Ezra Robert Otway, sponsors Edith Potts, Mary Augusta Willock and E. H. Dobson, died 22 November 1950, Napier, aged 72 years, reg. 1950/26472, married 20 December 1904, St Mary's Church, Merivale, Christchurch by the Rev. R. F. Garbett, assisted by Rev. C. H. Gossett, reg. 1904/6317, Angus McKinnon of Arapawanui, born 10 August 1859, Clive, Hawkes Bay, reg. 1859/5547, eldest son of Catherine McIvor and John McKinnon, died 20 September 1939, Arapawanui, reg. 1939/17510

i. Isobel Beatrice McKinnon born 1906, reg.  1906/6783, married 1926, reg. 1926/6869 Charles Langbein [engineer]

ii. Clara Catherine  McKinnon born 1907, reg. 1907/7210, died 1955 aged 48 years, reg. 1955/21518

iii. Helen Rosalind McKinnon born 1912, reg.  1912/6489, married Ian Cathcart Moore

5b. Ralph Boyd Dobson born 26 November 1879, reg. 1880/3061, died 1968, married 10 October 1906 St Andrew's Church [Napier?] by the Rev. James Paterson, Rhoda Mary Graham, second daughter of Andrew Graham of Gisborne 
i. Robert Graham Dobson born 10 November 1907, reg. 1907/19844,   married 1937, reg. 1937/2287 Mary Ruth Gardner 
ii. Ralph Graham Dobson born circa 1909, reg. 1909/9819,  married 1933, reg. 1933/40 Elizabeth Frances Barrett   
iii. Malcolm Graham Dobson born circa 1911, reg. 1911/26334, married 1937, reg. 1937/11760 Susie Chrisp   

iv. Dorothy Mary Graham Dobson born circa 1915, reg. 1915/22516
v. Dennis Ambrose Dobson born circa 1919, reg. 1919/635
5c. Kathleen Dobson born 16 December 1880, reg. 1881/397, died 1969 aged 88 years, reg. 1969/32212

5d. Ruby Viola Dobson born 12 August 1882, reg. 1882/11135, died 11 February 1883, Ohinetahi, buried 13 February 1883 St Cuthbert's Churchyard, Governor's Bay 

5e. Robert Ambrose Dobson, Military Cross, [Auctioneer and Stock Agent] born 12 December 1883, Napier reg. 1884/2233, no. SA5723 South African War, 8th Contingent, Lieutenant 44th Battalion WWI, A.I.F. killed in action 24 April 1918, France, buried in Bonnay British Cemetery, nearf Corbie, France, married 6 July 1907 Maylands, South Australia by the Rev. Geo O'Halloran, Jean Rose Milne eldest daughter of J. and A. Milne of Maylands, S.A.

5f. Edward Randolph Dobson [Auctioneer] born 23 July 1885, Napier, Hawke's Bay, reg. 1885/11843, died 17 October 1966, Perth, Western Australia aged 81 years, buried Karrakatta Cemetery, Karrakatta, Western Australia, married 16 September 1914, Pingelly, Western Australia, Grace Mona Sophia Bostock
i. Donald Henry Dobson born 23 August 1915, Narrogin, Western Australia, died 27 November 2007,  Perth, Western Australia
ii. Helen Muriel Dobson born 31 December 1916, died about 1995, Fremantle, Western Australia
iii. Josephine Grace Dobson born 2 February 1920, died 5 November 2001, Perth, Western Australia

5g. Myra Dobson born 30 April 1888, reg. 1888/18063, married Robert Norman Potts, her cousin
i. Mary Esther Potts born 12 July 1915 Opotiki, reg. 1915/12770, died 10 December 2004 Wanganui [Martin]
ii. Donald Norman Potts born 27 May 1917, Opotiki reg. 1917/2292, killed 9 July 1942 Germany     
iii. Phyllis Mona Potts born 20 October 1921, Opotiki, died 20 October 2007, reg. 2007/26168 [Mrs Matthews]
iv. Robert Geoffrey Potts born 27 December 1925, died 15 August 1991, Gisborne, reg. 1991/42025

5h. Clara Dobson born 11 November 1889, reg. 1890/2670, married St Mary's Church, Christchurch Stuart Dearden Meares of Fendalton [dental surgeon]
i. Wyndham Maurice Meares [farmer] born 25 April 1913, 18 Bryndwr Road, Bryndwr, Christchurch, reg. 1913/16231    
ii. Brian Dearden Meares born circa 1915, reg. 1915/14794         
iii. Stuart Laurence Meares born circa 1917, reg. 1917/12829
iv. Beatrice Amy Meares born circa 1919, reg.  1919/12448        

5i. Edith Dobson born 30 October 1891, reg. 1891/14466, died 9 February 1892 (Napier?)

5j. Donald Dobson born 8 June 1893 Thompson Road, Napier, reg. 1893/14287, died 1976, reg. 1976/26941, married 1919, reg.  1919/3631, Ruth Earle Fairburn
i. John Robert Earle Dobson born 20 January 1920, Christchurch, reg. 1920/6636, died 10 May 1998, Hanmer Springs, reg. 1998/8941    

Lieutenant Donald Dobson, of the Canterbury Infantry Battalion, who has been wounded, is a platoon commander in A Company, and is twenty-one years of age. He is the youngest son of the late Mr Robert Dobson, of Napier, and a nephew of Mr A. Dudley Dobson, of Christchurch. Lieutenant Dobson was brought up in Christchurch and was educated at Christ’s College. On leaving college he was articled to Messrs George Harper, Son and Pascoe. solicitors, and at the time he joined the main expeditionary force he had passed part of his first section of the solicitors’ examination. Lieutenant Dobson was a student at Canterbury College, and up till the time of his enlisting was a forward in the Varsity Football Club’s senior fifteen. He also represented New Zealand University against Sydney University in Sydney a Couple of seasons ago. Lieutenant Dobson was an officer in A Company Ist (Canterbury) Regiment of Territorials before enlisting.
New Zealand Times, Volume XL, Issue 9068, 12 June 1915

6. Edith Potts
born 23 September 1857, Rockwood, New Zealand, reg. no. 1857/6784, baptised 10 January 1858 St Michael's Church, Christchurch by O. Mathias, sponsors Catherine Waitt, Robert Waitt and Edith Catling, died December 1928 at her residence, 134 Victoria Street, Christchurch, buried 5 December 1928 Oxford, married 29 April 1884 St Cuthbert's Church, Governors Bay by the Venerable Archdeacon Harper and the Rev. E. Watts, witnessed by Thomas Henry Potts and Beatrice Potts, reg. 1884/2776, Rev. Robert Fitzhugh Garbett, third son of the Venerable James Garbett, Archdeacon of Chichester and Frances Simkinson, born 1848, Clayton, Sussex, arrived Lyttelton 1865 on the "Blue Jacket", died February 1912, buried 18 February 1912. In 1928 Edith was living at 134 Victoria Street, Christchurch.
no issue.  

7. Walter Potts [chief inspector of the Bank of New South Wales in New South Wales 1921]
born 11 February 1859 Ohinetahi, reg. no. 1859/8118, baptised 3 April 1859 Governor's Bay by Francis Knowles, Assistant Curate, sponsors William Sefton Moorhouse, Grosvenor Miles and Adelaide Miles, died 29 August 1947 at his residence "Te Puke", King's Road, Moss Vale, NSW, Australia aged 88 years, reg. 20563/1947, buried Church of England Cemetery, Bong Bong Cemetery, Moss Vale, married 4 March 1896 St Barnabas Church, Woodend, Canterbury, by Robert F. Garbett, reg, 1896/4496, witnessed by Mary Ethel Dampier-Crossley [bridesmaid] and C. Dampier-Crossley [,  Isabella Catherine Dampier-Crossley daughter of Croslegh Dampier-Crossley and Mary Eliza Palin, born Leithfield, Canterbury, died 10 May 1962 Christchurch, New Zealand, reg.  1962/23869


7a. Mary Dampier-Crossley Potts, born 29 August 1897 at the Bank of New South Wales, Queanbeyan, reg. 34669/1897, died 1980, married 7 June 1933, Christ Church, Bong Bong, Moss Vale, NSW by Rev. A. C. Corlette, Neville Guy Bruce of Glengvie, Marlborough, NZ 
born 3 October 1889, second son of Sarah Richenda Ladbrooke and Thomas Holwell Bruce of Christchurch, died 23 July 1980, reg. 1980/34800 

i.  Catherine Dampier Bruce, married Alistair Raymond Turnbull (of Glengyle, Redwood Pass, Marlborough, farmer)

8. Beatrice Potts
born 13 April 1860, reg. no. 1860/11200, baptised 6 May 1860, Governors Bay, by Archdeacon Oct. Mathias, sponsors M. Studholme, Harriet Mathias an Effie Studholme, died 29 January 1909, Waipukurau, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, married 8 July 1885 St Cuthbert's Church, Governor's Bay, by Walter F. Knowles and G. Cotterill, witnessed by Thomas Potts, Millicent Potts and J. C. H. Grigg, reg. 1885/3833, Edward Henry Dobson, died 9 October 1934 Waipukurau son of Mary Ann Lough and Edward Dobson, C.E., Provincial Engineer, brother of Sir Arthur Dudley Dobson, and brother-in-law of Sir Johann Franz Julius von Haast.

8a. Cuthbert Lloyd Dobson born 14 April 1886, reg. 1886/7386, baptised 23 May 1886 St Cuthbert's Church, Governor's Bay, sponsors Ambrose Potts, Edward Henry Dobson and Millicent Potts, died 1975, reg. 1975/33345, married 1914. reg. 1914/7007 Amy Crallan 

8b. Doris Mabel Dobson born 1887, reg. 1887/7613, married 1922, reg. 1922/8273  William Montague Home Sams 
i.  Jill Philippa Home Sams, married Colclough Wilson MacKenzie
ii. Annette Home Sams married Charles Cornelis Hasselman

8c. Beatrice Hope Dobson, born 28 June 1894, reg. 1894/10060, baptised 5 August 1894 by C. H. Gosset, sponsors Eva V. Von Haast, Heinrich Von Haast and the mother, married 1925, reg. 1925/1646 David McMillan (sergeon)
i. Bryony Hope MacMillan
ii. Fiona Hope MacMillan

Mr E. H. Dobson. The death occurred at Waipukurau on Tuesday of Mr Edward Henry Dobson, a brother of Sir Arthur Dudley Dobson, and a pioneer of Canterbury. Mr Dobson was born in Nottingham in 1847. and was the third son of Mr Edward Dobson, C.E., provincial engineer in Canterbury. He came to New Zealand in January, 1851, with his mother, his father having arrived in New Zealand in one of the First Four Ships in 1850. He lived at Sumner and at Christchurch, and was educated at Christ's College, where he took a prominent part in football and other sports. He was associated with his brother. Sir Arthur Dudley Dobson, in exploration and survey work in Canterbury and Westland, and was with him when he discovered Arthur's Pass in 1864. He played football for Canterbury on many occasions. Mr Dobson was employed as station manager by the Rhodes family at Purau, Ahuriri, Kaituna, Racecourse Hill, and Lowcliffe, and later had a farming property near Ashburton. In 1884 Mr Dobson married Miss Beatrice Potts, a daughter of Mr T. H. Potts, of Governor's Bay. He then left Canterbury and took up properties at Okoriore, Waikato, and Te Aroha. Mr Dobson was for more than 30 years a judge of stock at shows, his specialty being Friesians. He was a good Maori scholar and an authority on the Polynesian languages. Of recent years he lived in retirement, but early this year came to Canterbury to visit his daughters. He was a prolific press correspondent on various subjects, notably the drainage of Lake Ellesmere. He attended the annual garden party of the Canterbury Pilgrims and Early Settlers' Association this year. Mr Dobson is survived by a son, Mr C. Lloyd Dobson, of Hastings, and two daughters. Mrs Montague Sams, of Cave, and Mrs David Macmillan, of Christchurch.
Press, Volume LXX, Issue 21292, 11 October 1934

9. Freeman Potts [1894, Barrister and Solicitor, 1896, Mayor of Akaroa]
born 16 January 1862 Ohinetahi, reg. no. 1862/13055, baptised 2 February 1862 Governors Bay by Oct Mathias, sponsors James Fish, Charles Phillips and ... Hunt, died 24 January 1942 Hamilton, married 2 March 1886 St John's Church, Duvauchelle's Bay by the Rev. Arthur Davidson, witnessed by John Andrew Le Clerc, Henry Hankinson Knight and Edith Mary Latter, reg. 1886/727, Amy Frances Le Clerc daughter of Harriet Talbot and John Andrew Le Clerc of Barry's Bay, born 3 January 1866, Mac's Creek, Jamieson, Victoria, Australia, died 29 November 1945, Wellington, New Zealand
9a. Harold Freeman Potts born 16 December 1886, reg. 1887/424, baptised 10 January 1887 by A. Davidson, sponsors, the parents, married 1stly 1912, reg.  1912/8598 Olla Christina     Tansey, married 2ndly 1927, reg. 1927/3660 Audrie Kathleen McCarron

9b. Eila Ruth Freeman Potts born 6 March 1894, reg. 1894/5400, bapt 29 March 1894 by T. Jasper Smyth, sponsors the father, Mary Latter and Edith Smyth, died 1974, reg. 1974/46254

10. Jane Brander Lloyd Potts
born 29 February 1864, Ohinetahi, reg. 1864/7567, baptised 10 April 1864 Governor's Bay by Oct. Mathias, sponsors Mary Haast, Jane Gray and Oct. Mathias, died 11 August 1938, Dannevirke, Hawke's Bay, reg. 1938/26676, buried Dannevirke Settlers Cemetery, married 19 December 1883 St Cuthbert's Church, Governors Bay by the Rev. R. F. Garbett, witnessed by Edith Potts, Beatrice Potts and A. H. Bristed, reg. 1883/3468, John Alexander Robertson [surveyor] son of John Robertson and Robina Cochrane born 1857 Glasgow, Scotland, died 2 July 1911, Dannevirke, reg. 1911/5990, buried Dannevirke Settlers Cemetery


10a. Thomas Stuart Robertson [civil engineer]born 7 September 1884, Chatham Islands, reg. 1884/18920, died 1957, married Alice Potts

10b. Eion Alister Robertson [station manager, Sergeant, Wellington Mounted Rifles, 6th Reinforcements, no. WWI 11/1365] born 27 October 1887 Queensland, killed in action 9 January 1917 Alexandria, Egypt, buried Kantara War Memorial Cemetery, Egypt, Grave E 133 A

10c. Emma Robina Robertson born 6 August 1888, Queensland, died 1942 Dannevirke

10d. Jean Alison Robertson born 6 January 1898, Palmerston North, reg. 1898/19095, died 5 December 1973 Dannevirke, New Zealand, married 1934, 1934/3290 Edward Arthur Maximilian Lys  

10e.  Randal Keir Robertson born 1899, died 1977, married 1930, reg. 1930/7167 Marie Monica Nelson

11. Thomas Hugh Potts [1935 - retired pastoralist and publican]
born 27 January or July 1867 Ohinetahi, Governor's Bay, reg. no. 1867/25627, baptised 18 August 1867 Governor's Bay by Henry Torlesse, sponsors Annie Lush Vigers, Thomas Albert Phillips and Donald Henry Potts, died 2 August 1934, Yarri, Western Australia aged 67 years, married 1 October 1903, St. George's Cathedral, Perth, Western Australia by Dean Goldsmith, Eleanor (Ellen) Murray.


11a. Ellen (Dolly) Potts, born 10 September 1904, at the stationmaster's residence, Kallaroo, Western Australia, Australia, died 28 December 1919, Kallaroo, Yarri, Western Australia

11b. Thomas Ambrose Potts, born 30 December 1908, Yarri, Western Australia, died 9 November 1953, Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, buried Roman Catholic portion of the Kalgoorlie Cemetery.

11c. Henry Edward Murray Potts of Jin Rocks Station, born 10 October 1910, Mt Lawley, Western Australia, died 15 February 1994, Kalgoorlie, Western Australia.

11d. Walter Freeman Potts, born 7 June 1916, Nurse Lloyd's Private Hospital, Coolgardie Street, Fremantle or Perth, Western Australia, died 10 December 1948, Leonora Hospital, Western Australia as a result of injuries received when a car he was driving crashed into the rear of a stationary truck in Tower Street, Leonora, buried Roman Catholic portion of the Kalgoorlie Cemetery, married Dot.

Field Identity Passes - Mr. T. H. Potts Dead
Kalgoorlie. Thursday.
An old goldfields identity. Thomas Hugh Potts (67), died suddenly at 1.15a.m. today at Yarri about 100 miles north-east of Kalgoorlie. Mr. Potts had been at Yarri for many years, having kept the hotel there when the Yarri Central mine was working. He later acquired pastoral interests in the district, and had reared a family there, one of whom was concerned in the recent gold discovery, which has attracted attention to the centre again. Mr. Potts had been an invalid for some years.
The Daily News (Perth, WA), Thu 2 Aug 1934, Page 5 

Death of a Pioneer - The Late Mr. T. H. Potts. Yarri, Aug. 8.
A well-known and respected resident of Yarri, in the person of Mr. Thomas H. Potts, passed away early on Thursday morning, the 2nd inst. Mr. Potts had been in the Yerilla district of the North-East Coolgardie goldfields for the past 40 years. In 1897, whilst in partnership with Messrs. J. Keighley, R. Alderson and W. Newland, Mr. Potts took up the Neta gold mine at Edjudina and successfully worked this property for a number of years. In later years he held interests in the Senate mine, Edjudina, and Wallaby North, Yarri. He also owned the Two D's mine, Kookynie. Mr. Potts did not confine his activities to mining, but also followed pastoral pursuits and hotelkeeping. In conjunction with Messrs. W. Newland and R. Alderson, he took up the property now known as Edjudina station. At one time he also owned Yerilla station, Yerilla, and at the time of his demise owned Gin Rocks station, Kookynie. For a number of years he had the Yerilla Hotel. He built the Yarri Hotel and held the licence until the hotel was delicensed, about four years ago. Mr. Potts was in indifferent health for several years. His only daughter pre-deceased him. He leaves a widow and three sons to mourn their loss.
Western Argus (Kalgoorlie, WA), Tue 14 Aug 1934, Page 9

12. Millicent Potts
born 18 November 1868 Ohinetahi, Governor's Bay, reg. no. 1868/28215, baptised 6 December 1868 Governor's Bay, sponsors W. P. Phillips, Louisa Phillips and Emma Potts, died 11 December 1932, reg. 1932/12547, buried St Johns Churchyard, Hororata, married 15 January 1896 St Luke's Church, Christchurch by the Rev. R. F. Garbett, witnessed by William Hall, Emma Potts, Ella May Dobson and E. Hall, reg. 1896/4427, Wilfred Hall [or Wilfrid], sheep farmer, eldest son of Sir John Hall and Rosa Ann Dryden or Rose Anne Dryden, born 15 June 1864 Addington, Christchurch, [registration of birth could not be found], died 29 December 1943 Christchurch, reg. 1943/28120, buried St Johns Churchyard, Hororata.

12a. Emma Millicent Hall born 18 December 1896, reg. 1897/17025, died 3 November 1973,  reg. 1973/36085, married 31 January 1923 St John's Church, Hororata by Ven. Archdeacon Ensor, Captain Douglas Wanklyn Gray of Gisborne, born 3 November 1896, reg. 1896/8030, died 25 February 1969, buried St Johns Churchyard, Hororata, son of Emily Jane Williams and Charles Gray and grandson of the Anglican Bishop of Waiapu, William Leonard Williams.

i. Charles Roderick Gray RNZAF, born 20 Oct 1924 Christchurch, died 4 August 1945 aged 20 years, reg. 1945/22914, buried Kelvin Grove Cemetery, Palmerston North
ii. Fabian Douglas Hall Gray born 8 March 1931, died 4 May 1990 Hororata, aged 59 years, reg. 1990/40051, buried St Johns Churchyard, Hororata
iii. Ann Julia Gray [Newman]
born 6 August 1932, died 1992, reg. 1992/42887

12b. Kenneth Wilfred John Hall [farmer at Hororata], born 2 March 1899, reg. 1899/6807, died 15 September 1974 Christchurch, reg. 1974/47588, buried St Johns Churchyard, Hororata, married 19 August 1929, St Mary's Church, Upper Otaio by Rev. J. Hay, reg. 1929/5782, Natalie Morris born 13 February 1908, reg. 1908/21612, daughter of Alice Isabell Travers and Richard Brabazon Morris of "Sunridge" St. Andrews.
12c. Mary Hall born 8 December 1902, reg. 1902/18638, died 9 December 1902, buried St Johns Churchyard, Hororata 

"Miss Hall"
Photographed by Chas. Lawrence, Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand.
Possibly Mildred Hall, a sister of Wilfred Hall, born 26 May 1863, Christchurch, died 21 October 1946, Cashmere, Christchurch, married John Cracroft Wilson.

13. Randal Septimus Potts [farm manager]
born 13 January 1870, Ohinetahi, Governor's Bay, reg. no. 1870/30544, baptised 13 February 1870 Governor's Bay by Bache W. Harvey, sponsors George Phillips, Thomas H. Potts and Sybilla M. Hunt, died 5 December 1893, Woodville aged 23 years.

Obituary. - The Woodville Examiner says :— We regret to have to record the death of Mr R. S. Potts, who has for some time been in the employ of Mr W. Nelson. Mr Potts died yesterday morning, aged 22 years. The cause of death was heart disease, supervening on rheumatic and kidney affection. Deceased was a native of Canterbury, and brother to Mr A. Potts, manager for Nelson Bros, at Takapau. He was very popular and a leading member of the Football Club, the members of which will act as pall bearers at the funeral. The news of Mr Potts's death has caused widespread regret.
Akaroa Mail and Banks Peninsula Advertiser, Volume XXIII, Issue 1806, 15 December 1893


Ohinetahi and Governors Bay about 1862-1864.
To the far right is St Cuthbert's Church designed by architect George Mallison. The foundation stone for the church was laid on 30 January 1860 and built over a period of two years. A stone chancel was added in 1864 which is not present in this photograph.

Thomas Henry Potts from the Haast Family Collection, Alexander Turnbull Library. Identified as J. D. Wrigglesworth's studio, Wellington.
Haast family: Collection. Ref: PA2-2167. Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand. /records/23203767

Thomas Henry Potts is pictured here in the third row from the bottom, second from the right.
Members of the fourth Parliament, 1866–1870
Parliamentary Collection

By G. M. Thomson, F.L.S.
XVIII.—THOMAS HENRY POTTS. One of the truest and mhost devoted naturalists who have made the botany and zoology of New Zealand their joy and study was the late Thomas Henry Potts, who came to Canterbury in the early days of its settlement, and who helped to make it attractive to many a later settler. I can learn little or nothing of Mr Potts's early life in England, except that he had a . gunmaker's business in Birmingham, which he sold out to come to this country in 1853. He had ample means, and before leaving England h e turned his attention to the plants most suitable for the land which was to be his future home, and acquired a number for export. The consignment of azaleas, rhododendrons, ferns, and other plants" which he brought out was the first of the kind to arrive in Canterbury, and this, collection formed the nucleus of his garden in Christchurch at the corner of Tuam and Antigua streets. From this centre the Christchurch Public Gardens and the gardens of many of his friends were supplied with material derived from this original stock. He was instrumental in helping to develop a taste for horticulture in Christchurch, and in inculcating a love of natural history. In 1856 he bought a property known as Ohinetahi, at Governor's Bay, Lyttelton, and this was soon transformed from a comparative wilderness into one of the most beautiful and cultivated spots in Canterbury. Here was brought up a large family, endowed with much of their father's vigour and keen love of Nature. Throughout his papers and notes on natural history, one comes across constantly observations made by one or other of his cons.

Mr Potts was a very public-spirited man, and took a warm and direct interest in anything that concerned the welfare of the district in which he lived. He was a zealous church-worker, and a regular attender at the seat of justice, where he took an active part as a local magistrate. From 1866 till the abolition of the provincial districts in 1876 he represented the Port Victoria district in the Canterbury Provincial. Council. For some years also he was a member of the General Assembly for Banks Peninsula, and one of his interesting papers is an account of the mission, which he was privileged to accompany, of Sir George Grey to visit Tawhiao, the Maori King. He was also one of the first members of the Board of Governors of Canterbury College.

But it is as a naturalist that Potts's name will go down to posterity, for he made extensive excursions in many parts of Banks Peninsula and in the mountain districts of Canterbury, and kept most careful and accurate records of his observations. These were contributed to the press in the form of separate articles, written with considerable literary power and felicity of expression, and ultimately collected into a volume. This book, entitled "Out in the Open: A Budget of Scraps of Natural History Gathered in New Zealand," came out in Christchurch in 1882. It is not a large volume, but it contains a great deal of valuable and accurate information on the plants and animals of the country. An article or-series of articles, entitled "Fern Leaves," is an excellent and wellwritten account of the ferns of New Zealand. Let me quote a short passage from it: "We must have a word or two to say concerning Alsophila colensoi. It is said to be found most often without a stem: just so, but we take it that lack of a trunk is in appearance only. Let the collector try around the fern with a searching knife, he will often find a substance of the utmost hardness, which his knife, though of Sheffield make, fails to penetrate. It is the decumbent stem of the arboreal Alsophila, lying perdu just below the surface of the soil. We have met with many instances where these hidden stemshave measured 2ft or 3ft in length; sometimes the prostrate trunk lies above ground. In any case, let. the collector busy himself to secure sufficient specimens of this hardy mountaineer, easy of cultivation, pleasant to look upon both in summer and winter, with shelter or without; for where it has to contend against frost and snow, the deep green that distinguishes its handsome fronds is exchanged for a warm cinnamon brown of richest hue. Thus we sum up some of the virtues of this notable plant for the out-door fernery. Who would be without some specimens?" Potts's work as a naturalist id eo valuabe just because he made first-hand observations on all he saw, and recorded them carefully. At the end of the same volume he added a classified list of all known New Zealand ferns, with descriptions of the species—a most useful paper for those who did not possess a copy of Hooker's Handbook of the New Zealand Flora.

Perhaps his mist valuable and original contributions to natural science were his articles on native birds. He and his sons pandered far and wide to observe them in their native haunts, and to see their nesting places. His papers on the Biology of New Zealand Birds in the New Zealand Journal of Science were quite original, and no such good work has been done by anyone else. The Canterbury Acclimatisation Society, alarmed by the ravages of caterpillars on the corn crops, determined to introduce insectivorous birds r and as the hawks were supposed to be the great enemy of the latter, a most unmerciful war was raged on all kinds "of hawks. Potts, who was the only trustworthy authority ,on all native birds, opposed their destruction. Here is a shorty paragraph from his paper "Something About Hawks" :—"It would afford a most interesting item of information to ornithologists and naturalists if the various acclimatisation societies would, or could, publish a return, showing the number of hawks that have been killed, for the destruction of which rewards have been claimed. The havoc  that annually diminishes the number of them in this country very extensive. Poisoning is the most fatal means employed. Nine years ago, on the Cheviot Hills Station, from 10 to 12 per. day were frequently killed. It would be within bounds to reckon that there upwards of 1000 hawks per annum had been accounted for during the previous two or three years. Amongst them were a few falcons. It will not create surprise to learn that there rats were most abundant." He defends the harrier hawks from the charge of being destructive, as they are chiefly carrion feeders, living on offal and garbage, and seldom attacking even chickens, except under special conditions. The destruction of young and feeble lambs attributed to them he ascribes to the gulls j which frequently attack newly-dropped lambs. Similarly he blames the recently imported Australian Magpies for killing young pheasants, and wekas for eating eggs and chickens.

Other paocrs in "Out in the Onem" are entitled "The Chime of the Be.llbfrd." "Farmers' Friends," Eels and Eel-fish-iiiiz." "Parrots," "Keas." "Sea-fowl." and "Notes on Rare or Little-known Birds." Another important contribution to science was in a paper read before the Cantei'bury Philosophical Institute. on "Recent Changes in the Fauna of New Zealand." This is one of the first attempts to track the effect of forei'"tt importations of the indigenous animals of the 'country. Botanists had done similar work in connection with the plant-life, but this was tho first attempt to trace the chaises in the fauna. In addition to the papers mentioned, Mr Potts contributed 1 10 paners, mostlv on birds, to the Transactions of the New Zealand Institute. Mr Potts was greatly interested in the progress of the Canterbury Museum, and contributed many geological and entomological specimens to the collections, besides devoting much time and attention to the work. The last years of his life were lived quietly in his beautiful home at Governor's Bay, and here he passed away on July 27th 1888. Though Mr Potts did not contribute a great deal to the knowledge of the natural history of the country, vet tho duality of it was so good that his observations will ahvavs stand as trustworthy records of manv tinners which it is now difficult or nearly impossible to obtain firsthand information upon.
Otago Witness, Issue 3346, 1 May 1918

Canterbury's first representative rugby team, 1876.
Back row: Donald Potts, H.W. Moore, Geo. H. Lee, William Varnham Millton, Geoffrey Potts,
Charles Henry Croxton, Ambrose Potts
Middle row: Jack Barker, Edward Chapman, J. R. Evans, John Anderson (captain), T. Walter Stringer
Front row: E. Cotterell, H. McCardell, R. Hamilton, J. D. Milton, L. M. Ollivier, 
(Ministry for Culture and Heritage), updated 9-Oct-2015