Monday, November 8, 2010

Local Intelligence.

The business of the Waste Lands and Survey Departments has been removed, during the past week from the offices where it has hitherto been carried on to the new and more commodious apartments provided in the range of Government Buildings now fast approaching completion.

The interior of the new building, which has been erected from the designs of the Government Architects, consists of an extensive range of large, airy, and well lighted offices on the lower and upper floors, calculated to afford ample room for the Government officials during the next half-a-century, after allowing, for the decided tendency to increase usually displayed by that section of society in most parts of the world.

The exterior of the building is seen to the best advantage from the west side of Christchurch, where it presents an imposing aspect to the approaching visitor. From the southern and eastern side of the town the building, though standing on an apparently elevated site, is scarcely distinguishable among the mass of small houses which obstruct the view. The general effect has been somewhat damaged by the adoption of a different style in the latter built portion of the building; but, taken as a whole, we should doubt whether any province in New Zealand can show its equal. True it is that we believe it has cost near upon £20,000, but then what is the use of money, especially public money, if it is not to bespent; and here, at least, we have something to show for it.
Lyttelton Times, Volume XIV, Issue 826, 10 October 1860, Page 4

To the Editor of the Lyttelton Times. Sir,— We would beg of you to correct a mis-statement which appears under the head of 'Local Intelligence' in this day's issue of your paper.

You there state your belief that the Government Buildings here have cost near upon £20,000. The fact is, that the whole of the outlay, including all sums yet to be paid to the contractors for the works and also architects' commission, will be under £13,500. A further sum of £270 may be added for fittings, furniture, carpeting, window blinds, etc.
Your obedient servants,
Architects of the Works. Christchurch, Oct. 10, 1860.
Lyttelton Times, Volume XIV, Issue 827, 13 October 1860, Page 5

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