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WEBB, Henry Richard

Mr H. R. Webb.
Regret will be felt by a large circle of friends at the news of the death of Mr Henry Richard Webb, F.R.M.S., which took place rather unexpectedly at his residence, Merivale, last evening. Mr Webb had been ailing for some months, but was able to be present at the manoeuvres of the Imperial troops in Hagley Park last Friday, and on the following day he attended the funeral of the late Dean Jacobs. He was suffering from gastritis, and after his exertions of the previous two days he had a relapse on Sunday morning, and he gradually became worse until he died last evening, at the age of seventy-two years.

Mr Webb was born in Sydney, and was educated at the College there. At an early age he took a position in a business office, and later on became the head of the firm of Messrs Ferguson, Webb and Co. In 1851 he visited Auckland, and in 1868 he returned to New Zealand, where, for several years, he was manager of Peacock's Wharf. In 1880 he was appointed manager of the Permanent Investment Association of Canterbury, a position which he held for over ten years until he retired. He was at one time a member of the Provincial Council, and was the Provincial Secretary when the Provinces were abolished. From 1873 until 1875 he was member for Lyttelton in the House of Representatives, but was displaced by Mr H. P. Murray-Aynsley, who beat him by one vote.

Mr Webb always manifested a lively interest in any movement for the advancement of the province, and since his retirement from business has devoted his time exclusively to his duties as member of several local bodies. He always took great interest in educational affairs, and was for some years a member of the North Canterbury Board of Education, of which he also held the office of chairman. For eighteen years he was one of the School Commissioners for Canterbury. He had been a member of the Canterbury College Board of Governors from its inception, and held the chairmanship continuously from 1894 up to the time of his death.

Mr Webb was a leading member of the Anglican Church, and has been for many years a member of the Christchurch Synod and of the Diocesan Standing Committee. He was a great lover of flowers, and made a study of botany, and held the position of chairman of the Christchurch Horticultural Society, of which he was an enthusiastic member.

Mr Webb leaves a widow and a family of seven sons, and two daughters to mourn their loss.

The Cathedral bells were tolled this morning, and many flags in the city were at half-mast out of respect to his memory. The funeral will take place at the Papanui Cemetery at 3.30 p.m. to-morrow.
Star, Issue 7022, 12 February 1901, Page 3

above and below - the Webb family headstone in St Paul's Anglican Church Cemetery, Papanui, Christchurch.
Florence Augusta Webb died 14 (sic) May 1884 aged 14 years 4 months
Henry Richard Webb died 11 February 1901 aged 71 years 9 months
Augusta Ann Webb died 12 May 1914 aged 78 years 4 months
Ephrath Theresa Webb died 25 March 1940 aged 81 years

photographs AGR June 2010.

Scientific. — We are informed that Mr H. R. Webb, of Lyttelton, has been elected a Fellow of the Royal Microscopical Society of London.
Star, Issue 1215, 13 January 1872, Page 2

The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Canterbury Provincial District]
Henry Richard Webb
Mr. Henry Richard Webb, F.R.M.S., was a native of the Colony of New South Wales, where he was born in 1829, his parents being amongst the passengers who arrived in the previous year in the ship “Eliza.” Mr. Webb was educated at the Sydney College, and entered mercantile life in that city, subsequently going into business as a member of the firm of Fergusson, Webb and Co., merchants. He was for a long time connected with the Horticultural and Agricultural Society of New South Wales. Settling in Canterbury in 1868, Mr. Webb for some time had charge of Peacock's Wharf at Lyttelton, prior to the establishment of the Harbour Board. Then he was for thirteen years manager of the Permanent Investment and Loan Association of Canterbury. Mr. Webb represented Lyttelton in the Provincial Council till the abolition of the provinces and was also Provincial Secretary and chairman of committees. He sat in the House of Representatives as member for Lyttelton. Mr. Webb was actively associated with the cause of education; he was chairman of the Lyttelton School Committee, subsequently became a member of the North Canterbury Board of Education, being for some years chairman of that body, and he was a member of the Board of Governors of Canterbury College from its inception, occupying the position of chairman from 1893 until his death in 1901. Mr. Webb was a member of the council of the Philosophical Institute and president of the photographic section. He was very closely identified with the Anglican Church in Christchurch, a member of the diocesan synod for many years and chairman of committees; he was also a member of the General Synod of New Zealand, representing the Western district Mr. Webb was elected a Fellow of the Royal Microscopical Society of London in 1880. He was married in 1857, in Sydney, to a daughter of the late Mr. J. J. Peacock, sister of the Hon. J. T. Peacock, M.L.C., Christchurch, and had seven sons and two daughters. Mr. Webb died on the 11th of February, 1901

Victoria University of Wellington

also see - Wikipedia entry for Henry Richard Webb

Henry Richard Webb was the son of Henry Webb and Susannah Rickards, they married on 24 February 1825 at Old Church, Saint Pancras, London, England.

children of Henry Richard Webb:
seven sons - two daughters alive in 1901

By special license, on Thursday, 27th October [1853], at St. Paul's Church, Auckland, by the Rev. T. F. Lloyd, M.A., Mr. Henry Richard Webb, of Miller's Point, Sydney, to Ann, second daughter of G. Vaile, Esq., Auckland. (George Vaile - architect)
The Sydney Morning Herald, Friday 9 December 1853, page 5

she died 21 December 1854 at 6. Victoria Terrace, Miller's Point

from marriage to Ann Vaile:
1. Ann V. R. Webb born 6 December 1854, 6 Victoria Terrace, Miller's Point Sydney.
Registration Number V18554169 42B/1855. She died in 1856. Registration NumberV18565238 122A/1856

On Thursday, 15th instant, by license, at the Centenary Chapel, York-street, by the Rev. J. G. Millard, Henry Richard Webb, to Augusta Ann, second daughter of John Jenkins Peacock, Esq., of Urgent Cottage, Miller's Point.
The Sydney Morning Herald, Friday 23 October 1857, page 1

from marriage to Augusta Ann Peacock:
2. Ephrath Theresa Webb (daughter) born 27 September 1858, 6 Victoria Terrace, Miller's Point, Sydney. Registration Number 2007/1858 Sydney. Died 25 March 1940 aged 81 years, headstone in St Paul's Anglican Church Cemetery, Papanui, Christchurch.

3. Henry Peacock Webb born 21 June 1860, 6 Victoria Terrace, Miller's Point, Sydney.
Registration Number 1578/1860 Sydney
. Died 27 October 1920 aged 60 years. Registration Number 1920/6369. Buried Bromley Cemetery, Christchurch block 36, plot 91. Civil Engineer of 16 Holly Road, Christchurch. (lived at 16 Loftus Street, Sydney)

4. William Jenkins Webb born 17 October 1862 at 16 Crown Street, Miller's Point, Sydney. (sheep farmer of Dunsandel) Registration Number 2004/1862 Sydney. Died 12 November 1926 aged 64 years. Registration Number 1926/8872

Star, Issue 6679, 28 December 1899, Page 3

5. Albert John Webb (sheepfarmer at Waipahi, Otago)born 14 March 1864, Augusta Villa, Burwood, Sydney. Registration Number 3938/1864 Concord. (died in 1942 aged 78 registration number 1942/30026?)

6. Edward Rogers Webb born 3 March 1866 at Augusta Villa, Burwood, Sydney.
Registration Number 4060/1866 Concord. (accountant, bursar at Christ's College) married Frances Mary Young Taylor 18 April 1907 at St Mary's Church, Merivale, Christchurch. Died 30 November 1954 aged 88 years. Registration Number1954/35833 . Buried Waimairi Cemetery, block AN12, plot number 6, aged 88 years, of 27 McDougall Avenue, Christchurch. (his son was William Rogers Courtney Webb)

Star , Issue 8915, 29 April 1907, Page 3

7. Florence Augusta Webb born 7 January 1870, NZ - 1870/9910, died 11 May 1884 aged 14 years 4 months At Merivale, Christchurch, buried in St Paul's Anglican Church Cemetery, Papanui, Christchurch. (note - the headstone shows 14 May 1884, however the Star newspaper of 12 May shows she died on 11 May 1884.)

8. Malvina Mary Webb born 29 December 1870, Lyttelton, New Zealand, registered 1871/10623. Died 2 December 1964. Buried Linwood Cemetery block number, 11 plot 15A aged 93 years. Married Robert Ewing McDougall.

Star, Issue 5802, 20 February 1897, Page 4

9. Ernest Courteney (or Courtney) Webb (sheepfarmer at Hororata) born 23 May 1873, NZ - 1873/11847. Died 27 June 1957 aged 84 years. Register number 1957/24487 . Buried Ruru Lawn Cemetery, block 37, plot plot 226. Farmer of French Farm, Banks Peninsula.

10. Lilian Kate Webb born 1876, New Zealand, she died aged 5 months in 1877. Register number 1877/3708

11. Steffano Francis Paulovich Webb (photographer) born 16 October 1880 at Sherwood House, Christchurch, New Zealand. Died 22 December 1967 at Windsor House, Christchurch.

12. Rickards Hickman Webb (company manager/mercantile clerk) born 27 April 1884 at Hawkesbury, St Albans married Kathleen Eva Hartley about 1920. Died 5 September 1964 aged 80 years, registration number 1964/45488 (children - Pamela Webb and Bruce Anthony Webb)


4. Mr. William Webb, Manager of “Springbank,” was born in Sydney, New South Wales, in 1862, and educated at Christ's College, Christchurch. He joined the Bank of New Zealand, in which he passed four years, and then exchanged the desk for station life, which he followed at “Birch Hill” and at “Springbank,” and the latter property was managed by him for several years. He afterwards visited Australia, where he studied wool-classing and attended the technical college at Sydney. He and his brother, Mr. A. Webb, bought Ngakorua estate, at Pleasant Point, South Canterbury, in 1895, but after a time he again entered on the management of “Springbank.”
The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Canterbury Provincial District]

Charles Martin Buck

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