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An Icon

Some references to the buildings that make up the Arts Centre.

The Story of Christchurch, New Zealand by Henry F. Wigram. Printed and published by the Lyttelton Times Co., 1916. Page 173.
The Canterbury College Buildings are all in the Gothic style of architecture ; they are built of a handsome hard grey stone from local quarries; the doorways, windows, cornices and other features of the buildings are of white stone, and the combination is very effective. The first block of buildings, including the College Hall, was designed by the late Mr. B. W. Mountfort, and subsequent additions have been in keeping with the original design.

The Evolution of a City by J. P. Morrison, M.A. Published by the Christchurch City Council 1948. Page 133.

He (B. W. Mountfort) planned the Canterbury College buildings which were completed in 1877. His success here is unquestioned. Time has increased the beauty of the College set in its lawns so close to the heart of the city and yet in atmosphere a part of the garden domain stretching to the west of the College grounds.

Creative Canterbury, 1965 published by Breckell and Nicholls in conjunction with the Canterbury Manufacturers' Association. page 58.
Round a central quadrangle the pioneers erected noble stone Gothic buildings which are still in use today. They gave grace and character to the city and have served it well.

Christchurch - An Enchanted Journey Through the Garden City, Gwenda Turner. Penguin Books.
The Arts Centre buildings ... These magnificent grey stone Gothic-style buildings ...
Benjamin Woolfield Mountfort, the architect, contributed significantly to what is now the Arts Centre complex. In particular, the Great Hall and Clock Tower Block are fine examples of his brilliant work.
Mountfort used many of the design elements from the Clock Tower Block to compliment his Canterbury Museum building across the road.

The Arts Centre has been pictured on countless postcards for over a hundred years, pictured on four New Zealand postage stamps and photographed by our leading photographers.


1950 Canterbury Centennial

1973 Anniversaries

The buildings of the Arts Centre are one of the few Christchurch buildings
to have been pictured on New Zealand postage stamps.

above - The Arts Centre by New Zealand's pre-eminent photographer George Chance.

above - The Undergraduates in 1946

above - from Christchurch at a Glance, "H. & B." Series of Fine Art Publications.

Key words: Save the Christchurch Arts Centre

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