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ROBIN, Alfred William

Painting of a house by Alfred William Robin

Master A. Robin has painted several "crests" on a coach panel, which have been the subject of high encomiums from connoisseurs.
Otago Daily Times, Issue 4629, 16 December 1876, Supplement

Dunedin School of Art
Mr A. Robin presents a couple of well finished seascapes and a chapel scene.
Otago Witness, Issue 1860, 22 December 1877

We have been shown a couple of oil-paintings by Mr Alfred Robin, which are intended to be sent to the Melbourne Exhibition. One is a scene on the Water-of-Leith, the other one on the Taieri. The former is a view just below Nicol's Creek fall, showing a portion of the shingly bed of the Leith, with a tree in the foreground very faithfully executed. Prominent features in the other picture are several bold rocky headlands, vigorously delineated. Both picture have been shown to Dr Hector who spoke very encouragingly of them.
Otago Daily Times, Issue 5773, 20 August 1880

A Mr. Alfred Robin, of Otago, has executed a couple of oil paintings for the Melbourne Exhibition, and the Otago Times announces that "both pictures have been shown to Dr. Hector, who speaks very encouragingly of them."
New Zealand Herald, Volume XVII, Issue 5863, 1 September 1880

There are works by several of our leading artists, notices of which we defer until further inspection; and this leaves us free to deal with a few very clever efforts by younger and less experienced hands.

The first that greets a visitor’s eye is No. 1, a landscape by A, Robin. There is a freshness, truthfulness, and variety of coloring in this picture that gives promise of a high degree of excellence in art in after years. It is not a fancy picture, but carefully drawn and colored from nature. All is in harmony, because nature has been copied, not outraged, We trust in after years to see matured works by tho same hand, who, even in the youthfulness of his genius, has been able to do so much.
Evening Star, Issue 5552, 22 December 1880


Otago Art Society's Exhibition
Mr H. D. Moultray [
Henry Douglas Moultray]  contributes two very fair little oil paintings —" Down the Bay near Ravenshourne " and a "Pastoral near Dunedin." Some of the elder Mr Moultray's pupils seem to be coming on exceedingly well, and amongst them must evidently be classed Mr A. W. Robin, whose " Upper Harbour from the Peninsula" (20) is very well worked out and finished.
Otago Daily Times, Issue 7427, 4 December 1885

Otago Art Society Exhibition
‘Waikawa River at High Tide,’ by Mr A. W. Robin, is a very nicely painted scene, with tbe hills at tbe background trending in the distance, the whole forming a most pleasant picture to the eye.
Evening Star, Issue 8358, 8 November 1890

"Waikawa River at High Tide" (No. 73), by A. W. Robin, is a faithful transcript, of nature; and "From the Hill Overlooking the Bluff Harbour" (No, 82), by the same artist, is distinctly the best work he has ever exhibited, and does him great credit.
Otago Daily Times, Issue 8972, 26 November 1890

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