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43 Hackthorne Road, Cashmere

Cashmere's finest property.
Nearly two acres of beautiful garden fully planted,
and a residence of seventeen rooms with sun balcony and dressing rooms and three garages,
For private sale.
We have been instructed to offer the property. Situated, no. 57 (43) Hackthorne Road, Cashmere, owned by the trustees of the estate of the late George Bowron.
This Magnificent Property is situated almost opposite the Gwynfa Loop, the most favoured part of Cashmere Hills. It commands an unrivalled view and no property gets more sunshine.
The land contains an area of nearly two acres, capable of subdivision into several of the best available building sites.
The garden is in perfect order and is fully planted with a choice variety of selected trees, shrubs, and fruits. It is full of interest and provides ideal shelter.
Access is by level drive to asphalt Parking Area.
The Residence is the best known on Cashmere, standing in a commanding position adjacent to Hackthorne road, Gwynfa Loop tram stop. It has a magnificent appearance and commands the finest obtainable view. Built mainly of brick with a slate roof, the building contains four main floors. The ground and first floor having level outside access to entrances.
The ground floor contains magnificent billiards room and three small, rooms, also boiler room, washhouse, and fuel store. Easy grade stairway leads to the main floor. The main entrance is tiled and sheltered. This floor is planned for easy reception. The plan provides:-  Reception Hall, 16ft 6in x 11ft 7in;
Staircase Hall, 21ft x 15ft;
Living room. 38ft x 19ft 5in.
With an additional bay, 17ft 6in x 9ft 2in;
Dining Room, 25ft x 13ft;
Sunroom, 25ft x -13ft;
Kitchen, 20ft x 16ft;
Maid’s Room, 16ft x 12ft 6in.
Also Sun Verandah, Maid’s Bathroom, Pantry, Store, H.M. Pantry, Etc. All fully fitted.
The Second Floor has been specially planned to provide six magnificent bedrooms, four of which have separate dressing rooms with hand basins. Two bedrooms have handbasins, and each bedroom has a delightful private balcony. These bedrooms are fully fitted, and the floor is an ideal bedroom-floor with large tiled bathrooms, linen rooms, etc.
The Top Floor contains two large bedrooms with extensive open sun balcony. A total of nearly 11,000ft of floor space.
The Outbuildings include a Large Brick Three-Car Garage, with Man’s Room and Basement Workshop.
This great property will be available, in a few weeks. It was designed and built as a private residence when costs were low and sales tax less, at a cost of £10,000, without the land, which is worth a lot of money and is the best residential area on Cashmere.
The whole property is now available at £7000 only. And about £2000 worth of land may be sold off. For a convalescent home, nursing home, flats, or a private residence, the property is the finest and cheapest ever offered about Christchurch, for plans of the land and building, apply to the agents:- H. G. Livingstone and co.. Estate Agents and Auctioneers, 109 Hereford Street.
Press, Volume LXXX, Issue 24370, 23 September 1944
[It is not known who the architect of this building was, however  the architect Gordon Tate Lucas was a son-in-law of George Bowron - Press, Volume LXXI, Issue 21449, 15 April 1935]

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