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The Canterbury Association

The Canterbury Association


The Bury and Norwich Post, and Suffolk Herald, Wednesday, April 24, 1850; Issue 3539.

Adderley, (Sir) Charles Bowyer
Archer, Edward
Ashley-Cooper, (Sir) Anthony
Aylmer, William, The Revd
Baring, Francis Thornhill
Baring, William Bingham
Blomfield, Charles James
Brittan, William Guise
Cavendish, Richard
Charteris, Francis Wemyss Charteris Douglas
Cholmondeley, William Henry Hugh
Cocks, Thomas Somers—
Coleridge, Edward, The Revd
Coleridge, John Duke
Coleridge, (Sir) John Taylor
Coleridge, William Hart
Courtenay, William Reginald
Cust, (Sir) Edward
Cust, John Hume
Dashwood, George Astley Charles
Egerton, Francis
Farquhar, (Sir) Walter Rockliff
Fitzgerald, James Edward
Forsyth, William
Gell, John Philip, the Rev
Gleig, George Robert, the Rev
Godley, John Robert
Goulburn, Henry
Greville, George Guy
Halswell, Edmund Storr
Hare, Julius Charles
Hawkins, Ernest, The Rev
Heathcote, (Sir) William
Herbert, Sidney
Hervey, Alfred Henry
Hinds, Samuel, Bishop of Norwich
Hook, Walter Farquhar, Vicar of Leeds
Hulse, (Sir) Edward
Hutt, John
Jackson, Thomas, the Rev.
James, (Sir) Walter Charles
Jones, (Sir) Willoughby
Lascelles, Henry Thynne
Longley, Charles Thomas - later the Archbishop of Canterbury
Lucas, Samuel
Lyall, William Rowe, Dean of Canterbury
Lyttelton, George William
Maddock, Henry William, The Rev.
Manners, John James Robert
McGeachy, Forster Alleyne
Mills, Arthur
Montague, William Drogo
Montague-Douglas-Scott, Walter Francis
Nelson, Horatio
Owen, John [R?]
Paul, Robert Bateman
Pelham Clinton, Henry Pelham Fiennes
Phillpotts, Henry
Pole-Carew, William Henry
Rickards, George Kettilby
Rowley, Thomas
Selfe, Henry James Selfe
Sewell, Henry
Simeon, (Sir) John
Simeon, Charles
Simeon, Cornwall
Stafford, Augustus Stafford O’brien
Sumner, Charles Richard
Sumner, John Bird - Archbishop of Canterbury
Talbot, John Chetwynd
Thirlwall, Connop Newell
Torlesse, Charles Martin
Trench, Richard Chenevix
Vaux, William Sandys Wright
Vernon, Granville Edward Harcourt
Wade, Nugent, the Rev.
Wakefield, Edward Jerningham
West, Frederick Richard
Whately, Richard
Wilberforce, Robert Isaac
Wilberforce, Samuel
Wodehouse, John
Wynne, Charles Griffith
Wynter, James Cecil

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