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William Jacques

William Jacques

Mayor of Sydenham 1893 and 1894

born 1850 Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, England
son of Ann and William Jacques (shoemaker)

arrived New Zealand about 1874
died 10 January 1930 aged 80 years
buried Linwood Cemetery Christchurch block 41 plot 13

he married 1stly Mary Ann Matilda
she died
16 July 1910 at 95 Montreal Street, Christchurch aged 62.

Press, Volume LXVI, Issue 13789, 19 July 1910, Page 10

he married 2ndly Teresa Agnes Lavinabout 1918 (reg. 1918/3526)
born circa 1872 Ireland, arrived NZ about 1883
died 22 April 1931 aged 59 years
buried Linwood Cemetery Christchurch block 41 plot 13

1930 – retired, 122 Osborne St, Christchurch

Ship Star of India.
Information obtained from Immigrants.
William JACQUES: Married, one child - Carpenter - from Northamptonshire (lately from Kent)

A conversation with Mr Carr of Brighton first made me think of emigrating to New Zealand. Mr Carr had lived in New Zealand and he gave very good accounts of it as a place for working men to go to. He sent me copies of the "Times" with several articles about New Zealand and the prospects for Emigrants. Mr Carr gave me letters of introduction to friends of his in New Zealand. I wrote to the Agent General and received a form to fill up as to my character etc. This I returned duly filled up and I soon after received another letter telling me when to join the ship. I paid my own fare to London and was not kept waiting for the ship. There are no Agents in Kent and the people there know nothing about New Zealand except by chance conversations with some one who has been there or has friends there. An intelligent Agent from New Zealand who could answer the many questions intending Emigrants ask about climate etc and who knew something of the way of living amongst laboring men in the Colony, could induce great numbers to come from Kent. A great many leave there every year for America.

He was the contractor for building the Good Templar Hall at the corner of Manchester and Worcester streets in 1875. The architect being Thomas Cane, the contract price was 455 16s
Press, Volume XXIII, Issue 3008, 13 April 1875, Page 2

Star, Issue 5779, 18 November 1886, Page 2

Result of the Poll.
The following is the result of the poll taken yesterday for the election of a member of the Sydenham Borough Council, rendered vacant by the resignation of Councillor Fisher: William Jacques, 169; Thomas Green, 167; John Wakefield, 77; John Andrews, 73.

New Butter Cooler, Mr Moorbead, of High street, has in his shop a new butter cooler, which has been constructed by Mr William Jacques, of Montreal street, Sydenham. The cooling tank consists of kauri timber, made water-tight, into which a continuous stream of cold water is allowed to run. The water is allowed to stand about 4in deep, and over it are placed trays capable of holding about 300 lb of butter. The trays being perforated and the sides being free, the cold air is allowed to circulate over the butter. Mr Moorhead has tested the tank during the last few weeks, and is well satisfied with it. During last week some butter arrived in a very soft state he placed it in the cooler for about an hour, when he was enabled to remove it in firm condition.
Star, Issue 7303, 27 October 1891, Page 2

Councillor William Jacques was the only person nominated at noon to-day for the mayoralty of the Borough of Sydenham, he has been declared duly elected.
Star, Issue 7426, 22 November 1892, Page 3

He stood unsuccessful for the Lyttelton Electorate in 1896(1). He was re-elected to the Sydenham Borough Council in September 1897 (2). In 1899 he was Chairman of the Christchurch Domains Board (3). In November 1899 he was nominated as a candidate for the Lyttelton Electorate (4) but was unsuccessful receiving 898 votes, the winning candidate George Laurenson received 2698 votes (5). He was returned to the Sydenham Borough Council again in 1900 representing the Newtown Ward (6).

Yesterday morning a youth, aged about 15, son of Mr W. Jacques, Mayor of Sydenham, met with a painful accident at Tai Tapu. He was in the act of getting on a horse, when he fell and the animal either kicked him on the leg or trod upon it, breaking it below the knee. The sufferer was driven home by his father, and the injured limb was at once set.

Press, Volume LI, Issue 8683, 5 January 1894, Page 5

Member of the Cathedral Completion Fund Committee (7) and the Christchurch Hospital Board (8).

Mayors of Sydenham include:
J. Forrester 1886
J. Forrester 1887
George T. Booth 1890
George T. Booth 1891
Thomas J. Gledhill 1892
William Jacques 1893
William Jacques 1894
Nicholas K. Bowden 1897
J. Forrester 1898
John Hadfield 1899

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census - Tunbridge Wells 1861

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