Saturday, April 14, 2012


John Reynolds

John Reynolds J.P.
Mayor of Riccarton from 1913-15.
Riccarton Borough's first Mayor.

Yesterday afternoon a large and representative deputation from tho Riccarton borough waited upon Mr John Reynolds, the Mayor of Riccarton, to ask him to stand again for office. Mr John Graham acted as spokesman. He said that the work of the Mayor had been distinctly creditable, and he was voicing the opinion of the great majority of the people of Riccarton in asking him to serve a further term. Mr Reynolds said he was pleased to learn that his efforts had been appreciated, and he had very much pleasure in acceding to the request.
Press, Volume XLIX, Issue 14625, 28 March 1913, Page 6


  1. John Reynolds was a relation of mine, great uncle I think. Somewhere I have a commemorative trowel for the laying of the foundation stone for what was at the time the council building for Riccarton.

    1. Hi Kerry

      Interested to know your relationship to John Reynolds. He was my Great Grandfather.

  2. He was my Great Grandfather. Contact me if you wish.