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William Sefton Moorhouse 

by George Anderson Lawson (1832-1904)

The William Sefton Moorhouse statue in the Botanic Gardens, Christchurch was based on a portrait by the Christchurch photographer James Elsbee.
Press, Volume XXXIX, Issue 5521, 30 May 1883, Page 2

Unveiling statue of Mr. W. S. Moorhouse, at Christchurch, New Zealand
Illustrated London News, March 20, 1886; pg. 292; Issue 2448
Star, Issue 5508, 5 January 1886, Page 4

The Moorhouse Statue. - Those who were present at the ceremony of unveiling the Moorhouse statue could not fail to notice a sort of cage-like erection in front of the spot selected for the official platform and near to the entrance gate.

From this Mr Richard Smith, an amateur photographer of no mean ability, took several most excellent views of the proceedings at different stages. These will form a very interesting memento of the important event which then took place, because the series of pictures gives, as it were, a continuous history of events.

In the first one we have Mr John Ollivier requesting his Excellency, the Governor to perform the ceremony of unveiling. This is a very excellent view, all the figures on the platform being easily recognisable.

Then, next is his Excellency the Governor addressing those present, followed by one immediately on his performing the ceremony of unveiling. Strange to say, to those who knew the late Mr Moorhouse intimately, photographic representation of the statue shows a most striking likeness to him in "his habit as he lived." Indeed, as one of his intimate friends said on seeing it, "That is just how Moorhouse used to look when he sat down to have a yarn."

The next of the views shows his Excellency addressing Mr Leonard Harper when handing the statue over to the care of the Domain Board. The last portrays very truthfully what was perhaps the most interesting event of the ceremony, viz., Mr W. Moorhouse addressing those who had congregated to do honor to his late illustrious father. Alike from an artistic and historic point of view, Mr Smith is to be congratulated on the success which he has achieved in this series of pictures, and as he notifies that copies are obtainable, no doubt many will take the opportunity of securing them as a souvenir.
Press, Volume XLIL, Issue 6326, 29 December 1885, Page 2

Past and Present, and Men of the Times by William Jackson Barry
McKee and Gamble, 1897, Wellington New Zealand Electronic Text Centre

 Statue of William Sefton Moorhouse in the Botanical Gardens, Christchurch
Fifty Years Progress in Canterbury - The Jubilee Number of The Weekly Press Christchurch, N.Z., 1900.

In the Gardens, Christchurch - Muir & Moodie
(The Moorhouse Statue)

above - 2004
below - 1 May 2012

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