Saturday, November 26, 2011

Wheeler, E. & Son - Christchurch Landscapes

E. Wheeler & Son

above - The Bank of Australasia, Cashel Street.
The building was one of the earliest masonry commercial buildings in Christchurch, having been erected in 1863 to a design by Hawkes and Strout.
(Lost Christchurch - John Wilson 1984)

The Bank of Australasia occupies a central position in Cashel Street, opposite the Triangle. Formerly it was a two-storey stone building, said to be the oldest of the kind in Christchurch. At present (October, 1902) a handsome building, in brick and stone, is being erected from designs by Messrs Clarkson and Ballantyne, architects. The bank has been represented in Christchurch since the very early days.
The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Canterbury Provincial District]

above - The Town Halls
The two central buildings in this carte de visite are the first Town Hall (left) in Tudoresque style and the second Town Hall (right). The wooden first Town Hall was designed by Mountfort and Luck. The second Town Hall was built in 1862-63 of stone and brick to a design by S. C. Farr. It was damaged by earthquake and fire and demolished before it was 20 years old.
(Lost Christchurch - John Wilson 1984)

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