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Henrietta Eleanor Elizabeth Overweg, born circa 1801, arrived Lyttelton from London on the "Royal Stuart" 4 January 1855, she returned to England on the "Oliver Lang", other passengers included J. Barton Acland, arrived Mersey 4 June 1857 (Liverpool Mercury etc, Friday, June 5, 1857; Issue 2991), she later returned to New Zealand and died 29 March 1882 aged 81 years at Otaio Station, South Canterbury, New Zealand, buried Timaru Cemetery. Married 1stly ... Thierens (Albertus Adriaan Mennes Thierens?), and had issue:

1. John Cornelis Thierens of Demarara and South Canterbury, born about 1827, married 10 November 1852 at St Peter's Church, Tiverton, Devon to Caroline Avice Spurway, (born circa 1826, died 26 February 1868) daughter of Rev. John Spurway, M.A., Rector of Pitt Portion, Tiverton, Devonshire and had issue:

a. Caroline Elizabeth Thierens, born 20 September 1853 at Dawlish
(refer births Dec 1853 Newton A 5b 102), married 21 August 1889 at St Mary's Church, Timaru, William Soltan Davidson (born 15 June 1846, Montreal, Canada, son of David Davidson and Frances Pillans, died 17 July 1924 at Leuchie, his North Berwick estate in Scotland), no issue.

b. Albertina Elizabeth Thierens,
born circa 1854 (refer births Dec 1854 Plymouth 5b 246) married 5 August 1880 at Timaru, Henry Herbert Pitman second son of Samuel Pitman, Manor House, Taunton.
. Lancelot Coulson Pitman (refer 1884/17751)
. Coulson Spurway Pitman (refer 1887/2241)
. Avril Elise Pitman (refer 1888/9475)

Mr. Henry Herbert Pitman, Steward of Education Reserves for the Canterbury Provincial District, comes of an old Devonshire family, and was born in Somersetshire, England, in 1847. Educated at Taunton, Mr. Pitman arrived in Lyttelton, per ship. “British Empire,” in 1864, and was for many years engaged in managing a sheep-station in South Canterbury. He was appointed to the office he now holds in July, 1878. Mr. Pitman is a Fellow of Christ's College, a Christchurch Church Property Trustee, and a member of the Clergy Pension Board. He was married in 1880 to a daughter of Mr. Thierens, late Provost Marshal of British Guiana, and has two sons and a daughter.
The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Canterbury Provincial District]

c. John Cornelius Thierens, born Yarmouth circa 1856 (refer births Jun 1856 4b 24). In 1938 living in Edinburgh, Scotland.

d. Isabella Avice Thierens, born 1859 (refer births Sept 1858, East Stonehouse 5b 260) died 1872.

e. Henry William Thierens, born circa 1861 (refer
births Dec 1861, East Stonehouse 5b 27) Commander Royal Navy, died 11 December 1901.

f. Alice Henrietta
(Effie) Thierens, born 7 November 1862, (refer births Dec 1862, East Stonehouse 5b 313), married 22 September 1887 at Christ Church Cathedral, Christchurch, New Zealand by the Most Rev. Primate, assisted by the Rev., Canon Stanford and the Rev. L.C. Brady, to George Hampton Rhodes of Claremont, South Canterbury, born 13 February 1862 at Levels, South Canterbury, New Zealand, educated at Christ's College, Christchurch and Jesus College, Cambridge, he died 9 May 1914 at his residence St Albans, Christchurch, she lived at "Elmwood" and later at "Oakford," Christchurch, died 5 January 1938 at "Palmside" Culverden aged 75 years and had issue:

fi. John Heaton Rhodes solicitor of Christchurch, born 20 September 1888 London, England, died 3 August 1960, "Oakford", Christchurch.

fii. Lieutenant Eric George Rhodes R.N., 15 April 1890 Christchurch (refer 1890/7586), died 15 August 1945 Ottawa, Canada aged 55, buried Timaru Cemetery.

fiii. Hilda Avice Rhodes, born 7 September 1892 Claremont, South Canterbury refer 1892/14200), died 31 May 1922, London.

she married 21 May 1828 at Demerary or 3 August 1831 at Saint Michael’s Church, Barbados, Frederick Thomas Teschemaker (born 13 July 1801 London, died 26 September 1853 Exmouth, England), and had issue:
2. Frederick William
Teschemaker, a Member of the New Zealand Parliament he represented the Gladstone electorate from 1876 to 1878. Born 16 March 1834, arrived Lyttelton from London on the "Royal Stuart" 4 January 1855, died 21 November 1878, Wellington, New Zealand aged 45 years, buried Timaru Cemetery.

3. Thomas John Cornelius Teschemaker, born 2 August 1840 Devonshire, England(1), arrived Lyttelton from London on the "Royal Stuart" 4 January 1855. married on 26 January 1897 at St John's Church, Winchester, South Canterbury to Rosamond Mary Rolleston daughter of Hon. William Rolleston (2) and Elizabeth Mary Brittan, he died 22 June 1919, Christchurch (1), buried Timaru Cemetery, and had issue.
Mary Eleanor Teschemaker, born 1 November 1897 at St Clair, Dunedin (refer 1897/18620), married John Studholme Barker (1889-1962) (refer 1921/897), son of John Mathias Barker and Emily nee Studholme, and grandson of Dr. Alfred Charles Barker (1856-1933), she died 1971, buried Woodbury Cemetery
. Gonda Elizabeth
Teschemaker, born 2 April 1899 at Timaru, married John Hutton Grigg (refer 1921/1637) son of John Charles Nattle Grigg and Alice Montgomerie Hutton, died about 1983 (refer 1983/48886)
. Margaret Rosamond Teschemaker (refer 1901/19448)

Saturday, Jan 10, 1920
The engagement is announced between Lieutenant - Commander E.G. Rhodes, R.N.., second son of the late G.H. Rhodes, of Claremont, N.Z., and Mrs Rhodes, of Christchurch, NZ., and Gonda Elizabeth, second daughter of the late T. Teschemaker, of the Otaio, Timaru, NZ, and Mrs Teshemaker, of Middleton, Christchurch, NZ.

(1) Headstone, Timaru Cemetery)
(2) Feilding Star, Volume XVIII, Issue 181, 3 February 1897, Page 2

"taken on Teschemaker's veranah"
Chas. Teschemaker, Mr Mcintosh, Manager of National Bank, Mrs Teschemaker, John Conolly, son of Mr. Justice Conolly, Miss Monro , daughter of Sir David Monro.

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