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The Club Hotel, Sydenham

The Club Hotel, Sydenham
Architect: William Henry Espenett
Builder: T. J. Gee

Star, Issue 4454, 3 August 1882, Page 3

New Hotel in Sydenham
(Club Hotel)

Plans have been approved by the Sydenham Licensing Committee for a new hotel in brick to be erected for Mr Stephen Lawrence at the corner of Colombo and Battersea streets. They have been prepared by Mr W. H. Espenett, architect, and provide for a two storeyed building of Italian style, constructed of brick, and with the fronts finished in Portland cement stucco. The roof is of corrugated iron.

The length of the Colombo street front is 55ft, and that of the Battersea street front 78ft 6in. The height from ground to top of parapet is 30ft.

There are three front entrances — the main hotel entrance in Colombo street, a bar door at the corner, and a side door leading to the bar, and to the dining-room in Battersea street.

On the ground floor, to the left of the entrance, is a commercial room 18ft x 14ft 4in, fronting Colombo street; beyond this room is a billiard-room, 24ft by 18ft, with a panelled dado of various New Zealand woods.
To the right of the entrance is a sitting-room. At the corner is situated the bar, 21ft x 16ft, and fitted up in the usual manner. Beyond the bar, and fronting Battersea street is the bar parlour, adjoining which is the dining-room, 22ft 4in in length, by 16ft wide. At the back of the dining-room is the kitchen, 16ft by 16ft, together with large scullery, larder and pantry, the latter facing south, so as to ensure its coolness in the hot season.

The out-offices in the back yard are carefully arranged so as to ensure both privacy and convenience. The cellarage, which is 26ft by 16ft, is beneath the bar and side entrance.

A staircase rising from a commodious hall, 17ft 8in by 16ft 8in gives access to the first floor. A convenient lavatory is placed beneath the staircase. On the first floor are three suites, consisting of sitting-room and bedroom, together with nine separate bedrooms. There are also bath-room, linen closet, and earth closet.

A back staircase communicates with the rear portion of the ground floor. Particular attention has been paid to the lighting and ventilation of the rooms, staircases, and corridors. Tenders will be called for the work in a few days' time, and every effort will be made to push forward the construction as rapidly as possible.

Star, Issue 4529, 30 October 1882, Page 2

In Sydenham, at the corner of Colombo and Battersea streets, a new hotel, known as the Club Hotel, designed by Mr. Espenett, architect, and built for Mr. S. Lawrence, is just opened. It is in brick, and contains twenty-five rooms, besides bathrooms, etc.

New Zealand Tablet, Volume X, Issue 513, 9 February 1883, Page 16

Architect: William Henry Espenett, born 3 Dec 1830 in Tenterden, Kent and was christened 18 Oct 1840 in Zion Chapel, Tenterden, Kent. He died 1908 in Melbourne, Australia.
from: Descendants of David Espinet -

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