Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Colombo Street
(a newspaper article indicates these buildings will be demolished)

Sydenham Heritage Church

Colombo Street

Community of the Sacred Name
corner of St Asaph and Barbadoes Streets
Historic Place - Category I
The only Anglican convent in New Zealand.

Original Construction - B.W. Mountfort building, timber clad in corrugated iron: 1895
Addition - C.J. Mountfort - two-storey rimu building: 1900
Addition - J.G. Collins - brick building: 1911 - 1912

Madras Street

looking north
Nurse Maude Building intact

High Street

Cokers Hotel
corner of Manchester and Southwark Streets

Manchester Street

from near Welles Street

Manchester Street

from near Welles Street

Manchester Street
from near Welles Street

Tuam Street
McKenzie and Willis building in distance

Lichfield Street

Lichfield and Madras Streets

Canterbury Horse Bazaar

The Bedford (formerly Legends Bar)
Built in 1903, the original function of this building was the Canterbury horse bazaar. The horse bazaar is an important remnant of the early period of Canterbury's history.

St Paul's-Trinity-Pacific Church (Presbyterian)

Historic Place: Category 1
corner of Cashel and Madras Streets
no damage seen

St John's Anglican Church Hall
Madras Street

St John's Anglican Church
Latimer Square

John Burns Building
Lichfield Street

Tuam Street

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