Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Easter 1939 - High Street, Christchurch

Easter 1939 - High Street, Christchurch
a large ship's model is on the move outside Woolworths
(photographer's reference number 516 X3)


  1. Looks like the "Dominion Monarch" which was just 7 months old (and on her second trip to New Zealand) when WW11 broke out in 1939. She was the largest vessel regularly employed on the UK to NZ trade. Her maiden voyage commenced in February 1939 when she departed London for Wellington. Her first visit to Lyttelton was in 1939 but I can't confirm if this was on her first or second voyage.

    The picture shows what looks like an official ships model built for the ships owner and I'd imagine it probably toured New Zealand that year promoting the new vessel.