Saturday, March 13, 2010

Mr Scotland's Aeroplane

below - The Caudron biplane owned by the New Zealand born pioneer aviator, James William Humphrys Scotland about 1914.

below - detail from the above photograph.


  1. Tony, does it indicate where these photos were taken? Will Scotland was one of New Zealand's pioneer airman having done the first overland flight in New Zealand from Invercargill to Gore in 1914. he then had the aircraft called "Blue bird" railed to Timaru and made a flight from Timaru to Christchurch on 6th March 1914 where he landed at the Addington Showgrounds where a large crowd had gathered. it seems likely that the photos were taken at the Addington showgrounds that day. If you go there the skyline of the Port Hills apparent in the top photo would confirm this.
    regards, steven

  2. Hello Steven, thank you for the information about this photograph. The other photographs in the album were taken in Canterbury and these two show the inscription "Mr Scotland's aeroplane". It certainly looks like the Port Hills in the background, so I'm sure it will at Addington Showgrounds as you say.

    I suppose a lot of Christchurch people would have photographed the event, but this photographer seems to have got quite close to the plane.


  3. Hi

    Could you contact me urgently regarding the source of these images. I am a NZ Picture researcher and would love to use one in a publication.

    Kind regards