Friday, February 19, 2010

Robert McDougall Art Gallery

Robert McDougall Art Gallery
Christchurch, New Zealand.
photographs by Green and Hahn

The Robert McDougall Art Gallery was opened on 16 June 1932 by Mr D. G. Sullivan M.P., Mayor of Christchurch, a little more than four years after the laying of the foundation stone by its benefactor, Mr Robert Ewing McDougall on 28 May 1928. The design was by Edward W. Armstrong, the building contractor was J. & W. Jamieson. The cost was £31,000 generously gifted to the City of Christchurch by Robert McDougall.

Robert McDougall who was born in Melbourne in 1861 was the major share holder of Aulsebrook and Company, at that time the largest and most modern biscuit factory in Australasia, staffed by over six hundred employees.

source: The Robert McDougall Art Gallery - A Profile of the Art Gallery of the City of Christchurch 1932-1982.

below - two photographs by

Heaton Clairemont Peart

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