Friday, July 17, 2009


MR WILLIAM MONTGOMERY began life nearly half a century ago on blue water, and traded for many years between Belfast and the Mediterranean. He came to Canterbury in the sixties, and established himself in trade with great success, the outcome being the well-known firm of Montgomery and Co., Limited, from which he retired some years ago. Early in his career he devoted himself to Provincial and general politics. His last term in the Provincial Secretaryship expired in 1875, when his Government gave place to that of Messrs Maskell and Peacock, who held office till the abolition of Provincial institutions in the following year. Mr Montgomery represented Akaroa for many years, and was always associated with the Liberal party. He cordially supported Sir George Grey and Mr Macandrew in 1877-78-79, and in the face of much opposition rallied the broken remnants of the Liberal party, and led them to victory, which, after a long, patient, persistent struggle crowned his efforts in 1884. Failing health caused Mr Montgomery's retirement about a year or so after, and he went to Europe for the double purpose of recruiting his strength and superintending the education of his son. Mr Montgomery returned to Canterbury two years ago. - The Star, Issue 7395, 17 October 1892, Page 3

photo of William Montgomery - The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Wellington Provincial District], Victoria University of Wellington.

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