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Marriages Mar  quarter 1857
Charles Ffrench  Pemberton  married Jan-Mar 1857 Eleanor Ann  Buss, reg.  St Giles     1b    431   

Lyttelton Times, Volume XVI, Issue 929, 5 October 1861

News has been received of the death at Aberdeen, New South Wales, of Mr Robert M. Pemberton, C.E., eldest son of Mr C. Pemberton, Sefton, Canterbury, and son-in-law of Mr Hamilton Moore, Palmerston North. Deceased followed for some time the profession of surveyor in the North Island. The cause of death was typhoid fever. Mr Pemberton was only 37 years of age.
New Zealand Times, Volume LVI, Issue 2192, 27 April 1894

Mr. Charles Ffrench Pemberton, C.E., youngest and only surviving son of the late Robert Pemberton, F.R.S.L., of Chelsea, England, is a very old Canterbury settler. He was born at Chelsea, London, and was educated as a civil engineer. In 1857 Mr. Pemberton landed in Wellington from the ship “Gleaner.” He joined the Government service, and was appointed assistant-surveyor, and subsequently district surveyor for the Ashley district, Canterbury. After ten years' service he entered into private practice as a surveyor. Mr. Pemberton surveyed the borough of Rangiora, and prepared a scheme of drainage for the borough council, and also the townships of Oxford, Leithfield, Amberley, Aylesbury, and Sefton besides many other places. He retired from active work in 1896. Mr. Pemberton settled at Sefton in 1864. For nine years he served as a member of the Kowai Road Board, and occupied the chair for five years of that period. He also served for a number of years as lieutenant and captain of No. 3 and 4 Companies of the Canterbury Rifle Volunteers. Mr. Pemberton was married, in 1856, to the youngest daughter of the late Mr. J. Buss, of Harrindge Court, Scllendge, Kent, sister of Mr. W. Buss, of Rangiora, and has had seven sons and six daughters.
The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Canterbury Provincial District]
Author: Cyclopedia Company Limited
Publication details: The Cyclopedia Company, Limited, 1903, Christchurch

MR C. P. PEMBERTON. The death occurred on Wednesday of Mr Charles French Pemberton, C.E., of Sefton. The late Mr Pemberton who was the youngest and only surviving son of Mr Robert Pemberton, F.R.S.L., of Chelsea, England, arrived in Wellington in the Ship Gleaner, in 1857. He joined the Government service as an assistant surveyor, and was subsequently appointed district, surveyor for Ashley.

Mr Pemberton surveyed the borough of Rangiora and the townships of Oxford, Leithfield, Amberley, and Sefton. He settled at Sefton in 1864, and retired from active work in 1896. For nine years he was a member and for five years chairman, of the Kowai Road Board. For a time he served as lieutenant and captain of Nos. 3 and 4 Companies of Canterbury Rifle Volunteers. He married , in 1856, and had seven sons and six daughters.
Press, Volume LXII, Issue 12274, 18 August 1905

LATE MRS C. F. PEMBERTON. In the person of the late Mrs Chas. French Pemberton, who died recently, Canterbury has lost another of her earliest pioneers. Mrs Pemberton was born at Sellindge, Kent, England, where she married the late Mr Pemberton, civil engineer and surveyor, prior to leaving for New Zealand in the sailing ship Gleaner in the year 1857. The monotony of a four months’ voyage was enlivened by a mutiny among the ship's crew, which was quelled only by the aid of revolvers, the ringleaders being put in irons.
Mr and Mrs Pemberton landed at Wellington, then nothing but a collection of huts, where they resided for two years, and then went to Canterbury, eventually settling at Sefton. In those early days of no roads, bridges or railways, the late Mrs Pemberton endured hardships incidental to an early settler's wife. Christchurch was then covered with flax and bogholes, and the usual method of transport was by bullock wagon. At the age of 75, after seeing all her family of seven sons and six daughters successful married and settled, the late Mrs Pemberton took a trip back to England. Returning to New Zealand again, after visiting her married daughters in the North Island, she eventually made her home with her youngest daughter, Mrs Cyril Wild, of Leithfield, and later of West Melton, where she died. After being predeceased by her two eldest sons, the late Mrs Pemberton leaves 11 children (Mr F. ff. Pemberton, of Karapiro being a son), 44 grandchildren and 27 great grandchildren. a grand total of 82 descendants, to mourn their loss.
Waikato Times, Volume 94, Issue 14670, 6 June 1921

1. Not Recorded PEMBERTON, b. 1857 
2. Robert MacKesy PEMBERTON, b. 27 Aug 1857, At sea "S.S. Gleaner", d. 1894, Scone, New South Wales, Australia  (Age 36 years)
3. Charles Louis PEMBERTON, b. 09 Jul 1859, Rangiora, Canterbury, d. 11 Nov 1919, Ore Ore, Raetihi, New Zealand  (Age 60 years)
4. Frederick Ffrench PEMBERTON, b. 31 Aug 1861, Rangiora, North Canterbury, New Zealand d. 18 Oct 1935, Leamington, Waikato, New Zealand (Age 74 years)
5. Eleanor PEMBERTON, b. 25 Oct 1863, Rangiora, New Zealand, d. 14 May 1960, Aukopae, Ruapehu, Manawatu-Wanganui, New Zealand (Age 96 years)
6. Inez Agnes PEMBERTON, b. 06 Sep 1865, Sefton, Waimakariri, Canterbury, New Zealand, d. 25 May 1957, Ormesby, St. Michael, Norfolk, UK  (Age 91 years)
7. Ernest William PEMBERTON, b. 27 Mar 1867, Sefton, Waimakariri, Canterbury, New Zealand,   d. 31 Dec 1963, 14 Prince Street, Wanganui, New Zealand  (Age 96 years)
8. Herbert Ledger PEMBERTON, b. 30 Jan 1869, Sefton, Waimakariri, Canterbury, New Zealand,   d. 31 Dec 1943, Temuka, Canterbury, New Zealand (Age 74 years) 
9. Douglas James PEMBERTON, b. 28 Oct 1870, Sefton, Waimakariri, Canterbury, New Zealand,   d. 27 Aug 1941, Cherry Farm, Orari, Timaru, Canterbury, New Zealand (Age 70 years) 
10. Septimus Ffrench PEMBERTON, b. 03 Aug 1873, Sefton, Waimakariri, Canterbury, New Zealand,  d. 17 Jan 1966, Winchester, Timaru, Canterbury, New Zealand (Age 92 years)
11. Charlotte Elizabeth PEMBERTON, b. 25 Jul 1875, Sefton, Waimakariri, Canterbury, New Zealand,  d. 10 May 1953, Wanganui, New Zealand (Age 77 years) 
12. Harriette Sefton PEMBERTON, b. 04 Nov 1876, Sefton, Waimakariri, Canterbury, New Zealand,  d. 25 Jul 1942, Otorohanga, Waikato, New Zealand (Age 65 years) 
13. Amy Buss PEMBERTON,  b. 12 May 1878, Sefton, Canterbury, New Zealand,  d. 13 Mar 1960, Tirau, Waikato, New Zealand (Age 81 years) 
14. Edith Vaughan PEMBERTON,  b. 14 Dec 1883, Sefton, Waimakariri, Canterbury, New Zealand,  d. 19 Nov 1944, Timaru, New Zealand (Age 60 years) 

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